The Best US Real Money Online Poker Sites

Two Americas are very different in regards to poker. USA is the Homeland of the game. Poker has a long history and a huge army of fans. Meanwhile, Latin America is still at the beginning of its poker way. But in terms of online poker the results are the same – lots of weaker and inexperienced players both from North and South America. So, it’s quite natural that poker rooms with American players attract the regulars.

Today, we want to talk about main poker rooms with American players, their features and the way they meet the needs of different players.

Every American-friendly poker room has at least one common feature – the peak hours. They correspond to late night/early morning in Europe. So, if you want to run into lots of American players, you’re gonna have to shift your sessions towards this time.

Poker rooms with US players

PokerKing is the leading poker room of the Winning network. It has a Russian website and support. PokerKing offers the highest rakeback amongst all poker rooms with US players. Rakeback consists of VIP-system cash rewards, weekly races and exclusive deals from our site.

 If you’re wondering about PokerKing’s traffic – you can check out our articles about different stakes – low, mid and high. Aside from a pretty good traffic at regular cash tables, PokerKing also has a bunch of features, which attract the regular players.

Amongst all US-friendly poker rooms, PokerKing was the first one that implemented Spins – Jackpot Poker. They have two major characteristics – (1) a 6% rake (which is not that high) and (2) a higher probability to hit the x4 multiplier (compared to, for example, PokerStars or PartyPoker). The only minus is the limited set of stakes – there are only 4 of them (from $2 to $40).

Besides, nowadays Pokerking is one of the few places where you can find a game at HU-cash tables up to NL200. Players are not allowed to sit at more than 4 such tables.

TigerGaming is the main poker room within the Chico network. First of all, we want to say that with our rakeback deal you can get a pretty decent rakeback in this room.  But what’s more important – TigerGaming has softer fields, compared to PokerKing.

You can find some info about the amount of tables running at TigerGaming in our recent article about poker rooms for play at night. Some key cash traffic-related features of TigerGaming are listed below:

  • Nowadays, TigerGaming is one of the main places to play full-ring (9-max) tables. During the peak hours, the amount of full-ring tables running at TigerGaming is more than in any other poker room;
  • NL100 is a very popular stake (especially, amongst the amateur players), because it’s the lowest limit to test you luck for the Bad Beat Jackpot (which is currently more than $1,000,000)
  • TigerGaming is the only US-friendly poker room with the fast-poker (but it’s worth noting that you can find a considerable traffic only at NL10);
  • Since 2018, NL10 has become the lowest stake and it has forced the amateur players to move up in stakes.

TigerGaming offers a kinda low rakeback (via points exchange) and it has no direct support for poker trackers. In order to get the HUD working, our players can use the converter. 

PPPoker  – we have recently made a review about this poker app. Our players have an access to several American clubs with the games up to NL2k.

PPPoker has been testing the fast-poker tables and if they’re gonna work well enough, there’s gonna be a great opportunity to plays lots of hands.

Poker rooms with Latin American players

Regarding the development of the poker theory at local languages, you can compare Latin America with Asia. The popularity of poker has been growing, but there aren’t lots of regulars, especially in the poker rooms that are open exclusively for Latin Americans.

LATPoker – is a poker room within the Red Argentina de Poker network. Our players receive a good rakeback and participate in a regular rake race (which is divided into different levels according to game stakes).

During late night there is a lot of action at mid stakes. At NL11-55 there are more than 30 tables in total. You can find out more about the traffic in LATPoker here. Unlike at US-friendly poker rooms, at LATPoker Pot-limit Omaha is no less popular than Holdem. This is one of the best poker rooms for the bumhunt up to PLO500.

Aconcagua Poker – the biggest, but also the more closed poker network of the region. In order to play there, you’re gonna have to use the VPN. Regarding the cash traffic Aconcagua Poker could be compared to the European Microgaming network. Worth noting, that Aconcagua Poker has lots of Pot-limit Omaha tables.

In the middle of October 2018 Aconcagua Poker has received a license in Spain. This is definitely good news. The traffic should increase (especially during European peak hours) and you will be able to play versus Spanish amateurs. Before that, you could have found them only at