What is the best time for playing?


The choice of playing session time for regulars is defined primarily by the combination of two factors in the traffic of their main poker room. Those are pool size and players’ skill – i.e. optimal play time is the one with maximal traffic and the biggest share of weak players. As latter are the amateurs and play when they are free from work and other activities, everybody knows that peak of weak players is in the evenings of the time zone where the most layers of this or that room leave. The gap of +/- two hours from that peak is the best time to play.

All the poker rooms can be divided into three big groups on this factor: European, American and Asian ones. The easiest for us to adapt is European primetime, which is relevant for such networks as IPoker, Microgaming, Party. The traffic reaches maximum first in MPN at 21 hours CET, an hour later peak reaches Part and IPoker’s traffic peak is at 23:00. Such a shift is caused by bigger number of players from certain European countries in the traffic of those networks. Microgaming has more players from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, while Ipoker has more players from Great Britain, which is a couple of hours closer to the West.

American poker rooms and networks, regardless of being in Northern or Southern part of it have peak with maximal stream of weak local players in the evening of Atlantic coast time zone of the USA. This is at 3 AM CET. Chico network has peak 1.5 hours later. Winning network, according to PokerScout data has peak hours in the late night the early morning Central European time, but  it varies vastly – some days it is 3 AM and the other days is it 7 in the morning. So if the former two networks have traffic decrease at 8-9 AM CET, Winning has lots of weak opponents during these couple of hours. This is probably caused by the fact there are more players from West Coast of the USA in this room, so that blurs the peak of traffic.

Asian poker rooms and networks, where most of the players live on the Pacific coast have traffic peak and the biggest number of weak player at 15-16 hours European time and has big number of players till eight or nine in the evening. The exception here is Good Game network, which works on attracting European traffic lately. So they have peak of the traffic like the rest of Asian rooms, and there is no massive decrease of activity at the tables in evening European time. Up to 1 AM the number of players at the table decreases no more than by 20% to the peak.

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