Every year, experts predict that online poker is running low. However, despite some of the challenges players are facing today, online poker is still afloat. But, the dangers lurking poker players still need to be known in order to be able to avoid them, or at least reduce the negative effect from them.

Modern problems of online poker

One of the main problems for the poker community is the decrease in traffic and the strengthening of the field in the popular rooms. The average level of play of online room visitors has grown significantly over the past few years. And now it’s difficult to compete even at low stakes, so you need to constantly improve your level of play.

Most poker rooms began offering casino and bookmaking services, and as a result many visitors preferred roulette, blackjack and other dealer games to poker tables. In addition, due to the creation of closed reservations in European countries and the United States, the total pool of poker rooms has suffered significantly – recreational players have left it mainly.

Another pressing problem is the bots that can be seen in every room now. Artificial intelligence plays optimally, does not make mistakes, it is impossible to compete with it. The most affected by bots formats are those, in which few players participate (heads-up tables, 6-max SNG, Spins) using short stacks – it is easier for bots to collect and use statistics in such games.   

For many poker lovers, it has become a huge problem to cut rakeback in popular poker rooms, in particular in PokerStars. In some rooms, the loyalty program began to focus only on recreational players, the regulars lost their previous privileges. The worst hit are the near-zero players who survived only through high rakeback. Now they are forced to look for rooms with more favourable conditions.

Solution to the problem

Despite the difficulties described above, you can still make good money in online poker. But for this you need to have up-to-date information about where the most favourable conditions of the game are now and in which rooms a weak field and good attendance can be found. You can find all this information from our guide. We regularly add and update articles that contain only reliable information about the best poker rooms.

In this section, you will find useful articles with the choice of poker rooms, depending on the preferred disciplines and poker formats. Residents of different countries will be able to choose the most suitable rooms for their region of residence. If you play poker on a mobile phone, PC under Windows or macOS, if you prefer playing without software, or with mining and HUD – take a look at the “Software” section to find poker rooms that meet these requirements. It also provides useful information on choosing rooms, depending on the rake size, attendance, maximum traffic time and many other parameters.