📱PPPoker Review (2023 Update)

Mobile poker applications have gained immense popularity in recent years. In China, the appearance of the PokerMaster application caused a real poker explosion – all fans of this gambling game began en masse to register at PokerMaster. At the moment, this operator has completely surrendered its positions, losing the palm to PPPoker.

PPPoker is a poker application for playing from mobile devices in a closed circle of friends and acquaintances. Today, this operator also allows you to download PPPoker on your PC. Naturally, the application’s capabilities are not limited to playing with friends – it is a full-fledged poker room with a large pool of players. However, unlike the classic poker room, PPPoker has the following features:

  1. The application can be downloaded from the official stores Google Play and App Store.
  2. Each player can organise his own club.
  3. The game is organised inside closed clubs, which can only be entered after the approval of the owner.
  4. The game is played with a conditional currency – chips that are purchased for real money.
  5. To register at PPPoker and make financial transactions, you need to contact our agent.

In terms of its capabilities and functionality, the PPPoker application is similar to the clients of poker rooms. This means that you can also filter tables by various parameters, play several tables at the same time, collect statistics on opponents. The fairness and safety of the game is guaranteed by the RNG certificate from the world famous company Gaming Labs.

PPPoker Clubs have gained widespread popularity due to the fact that they were able to completely replace offline poker establishments. There is also a selection of club members, private games are organised, and real money is exchanged for chips. Therefore, many regulars of offline clubs migrated to PPPoker and similar applications.

Thanks to the advent of PPPoker, many poker players from countries where poker for real money is prohibited have a unique opportunity to play in clubs for play chips and then convert them into real money. They can choose clubs with the most convenient conditions for them – high attendance in the disciplines of interest, the ability to make transactions through popular payment systems.

PPPoker has become a leader among similar poker applications due to the following factors:

  1. The classic rake scheme is used.
  2. Active work to exclude bots and any methods of foul play.
  3. Convenient, high-quality software translated into many languages.
  4. Major tournaments are regularly held, including offline ones, in which many celebrities from the poker world participate.

PPPoker games and clubs

In PPPoker, the game is played in closed clubs that can be created by any user. It is also possible to organise the game according to any poker rules and at any limits. As a rule, the maximum limit does not exceed NL1000, and the lowest limit is NL20. The most popular discipline is No-Limit Hold’em, although you can find clubs specialising in Pot-Limit Omaha or Chinese poker.

If you want to play for real money at PPPoker, you need to perform all operations through an agent. The agent will also help you choose the right club, taking into account all your preferences and wishes. If you register directly and fund your account, you will not be able to convert the won chips into real money. In addition, if you look for a club on your own, you may well join a fraudulent club, from which you will also not be able to withdraw money.

Software review

Initially, PPPoker was developed as a mobile poker application. And today you can download a convenient client for iOS and Android devices. Using the application, you can perform all the same functions as from a regular poker room. In addition, your own statistics are available in the reports. To expand the statistics, you need to purchase a VIP account for gems. The application supports programs for collecting statistics. For example, you can use Hand2Note.

It is noteworthy that, unlike other poker applications, the PPPoker client can be downloaded to a personal computer. But the desktop version has significant differences from the standard rooms. In this connection, we recommend that you contact our employees who will help you install and configure the software.

Rake and rakeback

Rake in PPPoker is withdrawn according to the classic scheme – weight contributed, i.e. the size of the commission depends on the personal contribution to the bank made by each participant in the distribution. The rake is removed only from those hands that reached the flop. The commission is standard and for Omaha Hold’em is 5%. The cap depends on the limit played and the number of participants in the hand, but cannot exceed 3 BB. In Chinese poker, the commission is less – 3% and is limited to 3 jackpots.

Rakeback at PPPoker depends on the club and can be up to 50%. The rakeback is always the same, i.e. does not depend on the accumulated rake and other factors. This will be a great advantage for poker players who cannot afford to play on a regular basis. You can get more detailed information about rakeback at PPPoker from our manager.

Deposits and cash-outs

Although PPPoker is playing for real money in absolutely all clubs, the rate of chips in each association can be very different. Therefore, before joining a particular club, be sure to find out at what rate the conditional currency changes for real money. So, in order to fund your PPPoker account, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose your favourite club.
  2. Find out the exchange rate of the chips. Depending on the geolocation of the club, the rate will be pegged to different currencies. Therefore, we recommend choosing those clubs where the calculation will be convenient for you.
  3. Apply for admission to the club, or use the invitation. Confirm your ID number and login.
  4. Explore the information on possible ways to make deposits and cash-outs.
  5. Transfer money to your agent for a deposit (at least $ 200). They will be quickly credited to your PPPoker account.

The cash—out procedure is no less complicated. It is enough to contact your agent with the appropriate request. You should also give your ID number, login, preferred payment method, wallet details and cashout amount. Usually, poker players order withdrawals through Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz systems and using cryptocurrency wallets.

Please note that all financial transactions at PPPoker are carried out only through our agent. A certain percentage of the commission may be taken from cash-outs, depending on a particular club. When making deposits and buying conditional chips, no commission is charged, a fixed rate of the game currency is set. Due to the fact that we have access to statistics, when making transactions, the possibility of errors is completely excluded.

PPPoker advantages and disadvantages

Despite the relatively young age of the application, reviews of PPPoker can already be found on the Internet. Players usually point to the following benefits:

  1. Relatively weak line-up, which makes it possible to play more profitably. When switching from a classic poker room, you will be able to show a similar game, but 1-2 limits higher.
  2. Possibility to download PPPoker on PC. It is much more convenient to play several tables on a personal computer, so this will be a significant advantage for multi-table players.
  3. A large selection of clubs, differing in formats and types of poker, accepted currencies, peak times, rates, rakeback and other parameters.
  4. Fixed rakeback reaching 50%.
  5. Support for programs for collecting statistics.
  6. Fast deposits and withdrawals.

One of the disadvantages of PPPoker is the unusual system of organising the game. Unlike classic rooms, inside PPPoker clubs the game is played with chips, not real money. In addition, you need to cooperate with agents, because it will not work directly to make financial transactions. However, due to the weak field and the presence of many other advantages, PPPoker definitely deserves attention.

Therefore, contact our PPPoker agent, and he will select a reliable club and conduct transactions promptly.


❓ Can I install PPPoker on my PC?

You can use PPPoker PC Version. For detailed installation instructions contact us in Skype or Telegram.

❓ What PPPoker clubs do you provide access to?

We provide an access to only proven PPPoker clubs with a good action and a big amount of weak players. The list of players constantly changes, for more details contact us in Skype or Telegram.

❓ Can I get a rakeback playing on PPPoker?

Playing from PokerProDeals can get you a rakeback in PPPoker room. Contact with us the Skype or Telegram to get more deal details.

General Information

🌎 Network Independent
🎖️ Established 2017
🪪 License Unlicensed
🎁 Welcome Bonus -
💰 Rakeback 50%
💳 Rake 5% cap 3
📊 Trackers Support No
🏧 Cashier via Agent
🔒 VPN Not needed

Games and Formats

Payment methods



  • Amateurs from Asia
  • High stakes heads-up tables
  • very weak fields in expensive games


  • Cashier via agent

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