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After the appearance of such platforms as PPPoker and Upoker, the release of PokerBros has become the next step in the development of mobile poker apps. This app was launched in 2019. The main distinguishing feature of PokerBros was the graphic design, which was far ahead of the competition. Users also got more options for personalizing and customizing the app for themselves. 

PokerBros gained particular popularity during the coronavirus pandemic. The traffic of this and other applications became comparable to the classic poker rooms. Today PokerBros brings together players from all over the world, however,  poker players from the U.S. and Latin American countries predominate. It should be noted that the strength of the field in this application is an order of magnitude lower than in conventional rooms. 

The principle of PokerBros operation is exactly the same as the competing applications. That is, the game is played on the nominal tokens, which then can be exchanged for real money with agents’ help. That is, to play in PokerBros, you need to contact an agent, and with their help make a deposit. In the same way the withdrawal of funds takes place. Agent services are also provided by AppPokerDeals. 

? Best PokerBros Clubs and Agents

The very idea of creating mobile poker apps came about due to the banning of online poker in many countries. Thanks to the appearance of applications, which the game is played for funnies in, it was possible to bypass the existing bans and get access to the game for real money. 

Unlike the classic rooms, where all players are united into one pool, in PokerBros there is no single field. Players are grouped into closed clubs for private play. Some clubs can be connected with each other to increase traffic, this results in alliances or unions. Access to such clubs and alliances can be also provided by agents. 

? How to find a reliable agent

Considering the fact that all financial transactions go through an agent, you have to find an affiliate that you can trust. AppPokerDeals has been in the poker app market for over 5 years. During this time, we have built a solid reputation, because we only provide access to the best clubs and guarantee the safety of your deposits. If you want to be sure of a safe deal and the choice of a competent agent, contact us. 

AppPokerDeals Affiliate Manager

? Club Safety

PokerBros has quite a few clubs, and not every one of them can boast favorable playing conditions, a weak field and the absence of fraudulent schemes in them. AppPokerDeals has formed its own database of clubs that have been thoroughly analyzed and checked. For each client, we are ready to select the optimal club, taking into account their individual wishes and requirements. 

? PokerBros Games

At PokerBros you will find all the same poker formats that you would find at regular poker rooms. Of course, different clubs are dominated by different formats and limits, but in general, you can find alliances, where there are tables and tournaments you want at any time of the day. 

❤️ Hold’em and PLO4-6 

Hold’em and Omaha cash tables as always gather the most traffic. PokerBros has more PLO5 and PLO6 games than regular Omaha. There are active tables around the clock, and we can pick up clubs that have very expensive play (with limits of 1K-20K). 

Although there is Chinese poker in PokerBros, it is not so popular as other types of poker. Also not particularly common is Hold’em with a short deck. Tell our managers the limits you play and your preferred disciplines and they’ll find the best clubs for you. 

? MTT, SnG and Spins

A large number of multi-table tournaments with guarantees of several thousand dollars are held daily in PokerBros. Combined in series, American unions that hold their own tournaments gradually gaining in popularity. The prize fund in such series can be up to half a million dollars. 

In August 2020, SnG tournaments were added to the tournament grid of PokerBros. There is also a Spins counterpart, here called Splint. 

? Traffic at PokerBros

All of the clubs you get access to through our agents have play 24/7. For medium to high limit professional players, we recommend that you install multiple emulators to play at multiple tables at the same time. Only in this case you can get a full load. As for low-limit players (up to NL100), one or two clubs with high attendance will be enough. 

? Recreational players in PokerBros

Many poker players wonder why they should play in such applications like PokerBros, when there are plenty of classic poker rooms. The main reason is the fishiness of the field. Given that PokerBros is a mobile app, not a full-fledged room, it is mainly recreational players who sign up for a game. A large number of players are from the U.S., Europe and Latin America, and they are not notable for the strongest play. 

Especially many players sign up from the U.S., where the events of Black Friday destroyed online poker. With the advent of mobile apps, however, Americans are able to play poker again. 

? PokerBros software

Among its competitors, PokerBros offers the most innovative and advanced software. The software was created based on the prototype of Chinese rooms. From there, many successful ideas were taken, which were significantly improved and implemented in the PokerBros platform. For example, you can choose from 6 table themes. From one account, you can play at 4 tables at the same time. At the moment, there are only mobile applications. 

? PokerBros on PC

PokerBros has not developed a separate app for personal computers. Nevertheless, the game on the PC is possible, but only by using Android emulators. Considering the fact that these emulators are hardware intensive, you would need quite a powerful computer to play comfortably at 4+ tables.

?️ Multi-tabling

Multi-tabling is possible only on a personal computer when you install multiple emulators. The number of available tables is limited only by the capabilities of your computer. 

So, to run 3-4 emulators you would need i5 6500/i7 3770 processor with 16 GB RAM. To run 16 emulators and more you need an i7 12700KF processor and 64GB of RAM. 

? Playing PokerBros real money

Although PokerBros positions itself as a nominal chip game application, inside the private clubs there is real-money play. Each chip has its own rate. Deposits and withdrawals require the mediation of agents. Our agents guarantee the safety of your funds and secure transactions. 

AppPokerDeals Affiliate Manager

? Deposits

AppPokerDeals deposits are mostly made in cryptocurrencies (USDT and other 1 usd coins). However, we also accept payments via Skrill, Neteller and credit cards. Check the limits with our managers. Money is credited to your account instantly.

? Withdrawals

To withdraw money you can use the same payment systems that were used to deposit. If you create a request for a cash-out during the daytime, the money will be transferred to your account within two hours. 

? PokerBros rakeback

Rakeback can vary greatly from affiliate to affiliate and club to club. Usually it ranges from 10 to 40%. Our players have a unique opportunity to get rakeback up to 50%. We will find you the clubs with the best rakeback conditions. For more information please contact our managers. 

AppPokerDeals Affiliate Manager

? Welcome Bonus

If you want to start playing with a tangible advantage you can take advantage of one of two welcome bonuses available. You can find out the terms and conditions of these bonuses by contacting our managers. 

? Rake

Rake may vary from club to club, but it is usually 5%, which is the standard value for classic poker rooms. The cap, depending on the limit, varies from 2 to 6 BB. Thus, on NL200 limits and up, many clubs charge no more than 2B, regardless of the size of the pot. Like other rooms, PokerBros has a “no flop, no rake” policy. 

? Fair Play

Given that PokerBros is officially a chip app, it does not require a license. This alarms some players who are used to trusting only licensed rooms. However, after 4 years of existence, this application has not given reasons to doubt its reliability and safety. 

Another question is that there may be misunderstandings between the agent and the player. To avoid any problems, you should cooperate only with proven affiliates, which includes AppPokerDeals.

The random number generator used at PokerBros is certified by several independent laboratories. So there is no doubt in the honesty of the GSH work does not arise. In the application there is an active problem with the bots. The players themselves and the programmers make algorithms to determine the bots and their subsequent blocking. 

?️ PokerBros HUD

PokerBros does not support the operation of programs to collect statistics. However, you can display HM3 and PT4 stats using the emulator. It is also possible to use Hand2Note when subscribing to Asia. 

? Support 

If you have any questions about the game in the clubs and financial operations, you can contact our managers. 

⚖️ Pros and cons

PokerBros has a number of advantages and some disadvantages. The positive sides of the application are its weak field, mostly consisting of players from the United States and Latin America, an excellent poker client, a fairly high attendance at any time of the day and multi-table tournaments with large guarantees. Disadvantages: the inconvenience of playing from a computer and higher requirements to hardware, the need for a converter for the HUD and the lack of direct cashier. 

? Conclusion

PokerBros is definitely one of the best mobile apps on the online poker market. The advanced design and increased functionality of its software makes it similar to classic room apps. Thanks to the weak field, playing PokerBros becomes the most profitable. Contact our managers and they will help you find the best clubs and advise you on matters of interest.

AppPokerDeals Affiliate Manager

❓ Why is it profitable to play on PokerBros?

Since PokerBros is a mobile application, the biggest part of its players are poker fans. We also provide access to clubs with players from the USA.

❓ Can I play on Pokerbros from my PC?

Yes, you can play in Pokerbros both using your phone and your PC/Mac with Android emulator.

❓ Can HUD be used on Pokerbros?

Yes, statistics trackers are supported in the Pokerbros

❓ What rakeback can I get playing on Pokerbros?

Playing from PokerProDeals can get you a rakeback in Pokerbros. Contact with us via Skype or Telegram to get more deal details.

General Information

🌎 Network Independent
🎖️ Established 2019
🪪 License Unlicensed
🎁 Welcome Bonus -
💰 Rakeback Up to 50%
💳 Rake 3-5%
📊 Trackers Support Yes
🏧 Cashier via Agent
🔒 VPN Not needed

Games and Formats

Payment methods



  • Many USA Players
  • Good traffic
  • OFC Pineapple


  • Cashier via agent

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