PokerBros Review

PokerBros is a new mobile poker application that is ahead of the Upoker and PPPoker platforms in terms of its capabilities and functionality. The main feature of this application is its advanced visual design and flexible user settings.

The PokerBros app was developed in 2019 and has gained popularity all over the world in just a couple of years. A significant share of traffic is in Latin America and the United States. When creating this client, the main principles of other mobile applications of a similar purpose were taken into account. This means that PokerBros is just a platform on which each user can organise their own game. The game is played with a conventional currency that has a real value.

To start playing, you need to find out the identification number of the club and apply for registration in it. PokerBros Clubs are usually organised geographically. However, poker players from the CIS countries through our agents can also join American clubs with weak rosters. Financial transactions are also carried out through our agent. To deposit the account, you need to transfer money to the agent, and he will buy conditional chips for real currency, on which the game will be played. The cash-out process is similar – after the player’s request, the play money is converted by the agent into real money and transferred to the user’s wallet.

PokerBros and similar poker apps have become very popular in the global market in recent years. This was facilitated by the following factors:

  1. The game is organised in closed clubs, reminiscent of offline poker establishments.
  2. Decentralised settlement system. Transactions are carried out between peer users, there is no single center. 
  3. The game is played on play chips, which, after the user’s request, are cashed out with the mediation of an agent. 
  4. Initially, PokerBros was developed for installation on mobile devices, from which most poker players visit today. 

PokerBros software

The PokerBros client has been developed and is regularly updated by KP Entertainment Limited. The safety and fairness of the game is guaranteed by obtaining a license from Gaming Labs. You can download the PokerBros APK file to your iOS or Android mobile device. It is also possible to install the application on personal computers, but for this you need to use special emulators.

The PokerBros interface is essentially the same as in other poker applications. However, the visuals are much better. In addition, each player can easily adapt the client to their own needs and preferences, using flexible settings.

The main lobby has a classic vertical orientation. In the center of the page there is a carousel with icons of clubs that are available for the game. By clicking on one of the shortcuts, you will be taken to the club’s lobby, where a list of all tables is presented. Filters can be sorted by several parameters.

Comprehensive information can be obtained from the table image: the format and type of poker, the limit played, the number of players, the time that has passed since the beginning of the game. To make it easier to find active tables, they are marked with special arrows.

To get to the main menu, click on the three-bar button located at the top right. Go to the application settings to customise the client for your own needs. It is worth noting that PokerBros provides much more customisation options than any other similar application. There are several ready-made table themes available. Also, the player can create an exclusive look of the table himself, changing the color of the cloth, the appearance of the deck, chips and buttons. In addition, each player can be marked with one of the seven available icons and write notes to him.

You can download PokerBros and run no more than three tables simultaneously from one application. To play at a large number of tables, you need to use emulators or virtual machines. PokerBros supports third-party HUDs, so you can collect statistics on your opponents.

PokerBros traffic and clubs

In terms of traffic and number of clubs, PokerBros still falls short of older competitors. Mostly clubs and alliances from America are represented here, so the peak attendance occurs at night and morning Moscow time. As you know, American poker players are characterised by a low level of play, therefore, in general, the opposition in the PokerBros application will be an order of magnitude weaker than in European poker rooms.

To join the best clubs with good attendance and a large selection of games, contact our managers. In our clubs you will find the game in the following disciplines:

  1. No-Limit Hold’em in the range of limits from NL10 to NL1000. Sometimes you can find active cash tables at NL2K-NL5K limits. 
  2. Pot-Limit Omaha is represented by similar limits – from $ 10 to $ 5000. 
  3. In addition to cash games, PokerBros also organises multi-table tournaments with guarantees reaching tens of thousands of dollars.
  4. In some clubs you can find tables of Chinese poker with winnings up to $ 20 and Hold’em with a short deck. 

You can get more detailed information on the choice of disciplines and traffic from our manager. We do not recommend looking for clubs on your own and joining them. First, you will not be able to carry out financial transactions yourself. And secondly, there is a risk of joining dubious clubs created exclusively for fraudulent purposes.

The advantages and disadvantages of PokerBros

The PokerBros application compares favourably with competitors with a stylish, modern interface and impressive graphics. These benefits will undoubtedly be a priority for recreational players. That is why, and also because the application is quite young and little-known, it is characterised by a very weak field.

The negative reviews about PokerBros are mainly related to the orientation of the application towards American players. In this regard, the peak traffic falls on an inconvenient time for poker players from the CIS countries. Obviously, soon the geography of the clubs will expand, and then the impact of this disadvantage on the overall impression of PokerBros will become insignificant.

By using the services of our affiliate service, you can also count on the following benefits:

  1. Help in choosing the right club. 
  2. Financial intermediation. 
  3. Fast cash-outs and transfers between clubs. 
  4. Professional support, consultation on all issues. 
  5. Favourable conditions for registration and playing in the PokerBros clubs. 

In conclusion, we can summarise that PokerBros is a young, but actively developing application with a weak field. Please contact our manager to take full advantage of this operator.

❓ Why is it profitable to play on PokerBros?

Since PokerBros is a mobile application, the biggest part of its players are poker fans. We also provide access to clubs with players from the USA.

❓ Can I play on Pokerbros from my PC?

Yes, you can play in Pokerbros both using your phone and your PC/Mac with Android emulator.

❓ Can HUD be used on Pokerbros?

Yes, statistics trackers are supported in the Pokerbros

❓ What rakeback can I get playing on Pokerbros?

Playing from PokerProDeals can get you a rakeback in Pokerbros. Contact with us via Skype or Telegram to get more deal details.

General Information

🌎 Network Independent
🎖️ Established 2019
🪪 License Unlicensed
🎁 Welcome Bonus -
💰 Rakeback Up to 50%
💳 Rake 3-5%
📊 Trackers Support Yes
🏧 Cashier via Agent
🔒 VPN Not needed

Games and Formats

Payment methods



  • Many USA Players
  • Good traffic
  • OFC Pineapple


  • Cashier via agent

PokerBros Lobby

PokerBros Registration

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