The appearance of Chinese poker rooms has led to a new boom in online gaming. Asian rooms attracted a large number of wealthy recreational players. The poker rooms from China introduced many new game formats, expanded the capabilities of their applications and completely changed the basic principles of work. Over their short history, Chinese rooms have already become a favorite place for many poker players who are attracted by the weak field, high attendance and a variety of poker formats.

China Online Poker Development

For a long time, poker rooms of different countries and networks have been offering approximately the same conditions of the game, only expanding the functionality and adding various “chips”. But the appearance of Chinese rooms on the market was marked by a complete revolution in the basic principles of poker rooms. This is due to the special environment in which these rooms appeared. The special organization of the game in China’s applications doesn’t indicate that it is better than the classical one, it’s just different, and for many it will seem unusual.

The advent of Chinese poker applications was a new stage in the global development of poker, and also served as a tipping point for a new boom in the game. In just a couple of years, the Chinese online poker market has been able to go the way that American and European rooms have taken for many years.

The popularization of Chinese rooms has several reasons. Firstly, there are more and more applications, although at the moment China struggles with them. Secondly, the sphere of influence of Asian rooms has already gone beyond the borders of Asian countries. There were also changes in the club system, which attracted new visitors. Until recently, in Chinese rooms it was possible to play only at cash tables, but now tournaments appeared, which also had a positive effect on attendance.

At the very beginning of the development of online poker in China, local rooms and clubs had a very weak field, at all limits. However, European players learned about their existence and began to actively register in Chinese rooms with time. The first to suffer was the famous Poker Master site. Local players began to lose more often due to the strengthening of the field, which caused a lot of discontent. And the regulars from Europe themselves felt the unpleasant consequences of increasing competition.

In addition, due to the active advertising of Chinese poker rooms, besides strong players, they began to attract scammers and bots. Unlike classic rooms, Chinese applications were not prepared for this, so they were hit hard. All this has led to the fact that Poker Master and some other rooms have become closed and accept only players from China. It was also forbidden to use poker trackers, which made it difficult for regulars to play.

In China, poker for money was banned, but the organizers found a way out of this situation. They offer to play for conditional chips, which players buy for real money, and when withdrawing funds, the exchange takes place in the opposite direction. A similar system of the game was adopted by poker rooms and other countries where online poker is prohibited. For example, in the USA, Australia and Russia, rooms began to work according to a similar pattern. And the leader in this direction was PPPoker.

Online poker prospects in China

Taking into account the current trends, it is highly likely to predict the future development of Chinese poker rooms. Undoubtedly, the Asian market has all prospects of becoming the largest in the world. Obviously, due to increasing competition, there will be more and more closed clubs in which only players from China are allowed. It is possible that separate applications aimed at players from all countries will be developed. You should also expect that the field will gradually increase and playing poker in Asian rooms will not be as profitable as it is now.

The PokerMaster experience is also expected to take over other rooms in China, creating indoor clubs for locals. As a result, getting into such clubs will be very difficult for foreigners. In addition, this will lead to the outflow of Chinese from public rooms, and as a result – even greater competition.

The good news is that there will be a wide variety of Chinese poker rooms with different game conditions and different poker formats. It is worth waiting for changes in the rake gathering system and the organization of clubs. The interface and design of the rooms will also be updated. However, one should not discount the influence of external factors on Chinese poker rooms – a change in the regulation of gambling by the state is possible. The consequences of these changes are difficult to predict.

Best Chinese poker rooms

The Asian poker boom can be connected to the introduction of the PokerMaster app in 2017. This poker room operates according to the club system due to the prohibition of online poker in China. You can get into this room with the help of agents who exchange chips for real money. Due to the influx of bot drivers, local clubs have tightened registration conditions, so the level of competition at PokerMaster has decreased. It is also noteworthy that in this room the rake is removed only from those distributions that were played in plus. The conditions of the game, the variety of formats and disciplines depend on the particular club. You can check the details of the game at PokerMaster with our managers.

Another Chinese mobile application, PPPoker, also uses a system for exchanging conditional chips for real money. With the advent of PPPoker in 2017, players from countries where poker is banned have been able to play online poker for money. The field here is rather weak, because it attracts many fans who like to play with a mobile phone. Third-party software for collecting stats is not supported. However, you can view your statistics and access detailed information about opponents when buying a VIP status. You can play in the room on PC, running up to 3 accounts. 

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