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PokerMaster is hardly can be called a traditional poker room. Practically this is a poker app for mobile devices, which allows creating private tables to play for real money. This is something similar to Home Games at PokerStars of VIP Arena in GG network – however, things don’t stop there in PokerMaster.

Any of the users for a certain fee is able to create the table, which can be occupied by any member of the club PokerMaster players join in. In turn, private poker clubs create alliances to widen the number and quality of the game available to their members.

PokerMaster operates for three years now and since recently it’s been a comfortable way to get an access to high roller play of Chinese and other Asians.

They play for Chinese Yuan in PokerMaster (USD$1 = 7 CNY).

All the transactions in the room will go through us, your affiliate. More details on them and registration at PokerMaster, as well as any other questions are available to you if you contact us the way you like on Contacts page.

Traffic Review

We are unable to track PokerMaster total traffic and there is no need in it. You will be playing in the proven clubs we work with. Considering it is very difficult to multi table in PokerMaster and minimal stakes limit is NL600 – one is able to find a place next to recreational players from Asia at stakes he or she wants almost 24/7. Maximal stakes are NL6K and PLO6K.

Software and Trackers

As PokerMaster is a mobile app, it has a rule: 1 mobile device – 1 account – 1 playing table. One is only able to multi-table using several mobile devices, which is very uncomfortable, or via emulator of Androind on PC – it is cheap, comfortable, but may cause bugs in client’s work so it has to be re-installed. In addition to that, emulation of several working apps at a single PC loads the system too much and requires powerful hardware. Certainly, you will have to use several accounts in all your attempts to multi-table.

Main lobby of PokerMaster app has four tabs: Discover, Messages, Spade, Results, Me.

The tab Me – you will be able to see the name of your account in Chinese and we don’t recommend changing it. Below your nickname are gems and coins symbols where heir current balance is displayed. Gems are used to buy additional time bank – 20 gems for one. You can buy 300 gems for $4-5. There is also an option of settings and the list of clubs (my clubs) you are a member of – by clicking the symbol of any of them you will get a detailed information of it and via the tab games – look at the tables available in it.

The tab Messages is for messages of the creators of the clubs about tables and system messages from PokerMaster about technical works in it.

The tab Spade is used to create tables, you don’t need it as you will be playing at the tables created by the others.

The tab Results shows the result of you play at the tables you’ve played at and closed. The winnings there is shown without considering rake. The results are saved for 48 hours.

The tab Discover is the main tab with the list of tables and info about them. The numbers next to blinds in tables descriptions mean antes, which are gathered at all the tables in PokerMaster. One should also pay attention, how long would play at the table continue. All the tables in PokerMaster have their own time limit, usually of 4 hours. So you should take a seat at the tables where play hasn’t yet started or continues not for a long time.

Table in PokerMaster application have minimalistic interface with comfortable cards and nice fonts. Minimal buy-in to the table is 100bb and maximal is 400bb. Three white stripes in the top upper corner open table parameters if you click on them. The notepad in left bottom corner shows info of total winnings or losses the player has at the table and remaining time to play. The mic in the right bottom corner is better be left as it is as it turns on sound communication.

There is insurance against cards that could strengthen opponent’s hand, but one really shouldn’t use it.

Trackers aren’t supported.

PokerMaster Rake Structure

System of taking fee for playing in PokerMaster if different to the one we are used to. Rake is only taken as play at the table expires and only from players who had a winning session, it is 5% of the winnings.

PokerMaster Rakeback

There is no loyalty system in the poker room. More details of this deal are available in our skype or by any other contacts you would use to reach us – to know all of them, use PokerProDeals website contacts.

❓ PokerMaster - what is this room?

PokerMaster is a Chinese mobile poker app, which was created in 2017 and marked a new boom in the world of online poker.

❓ How to sign up on PokerMaster?

You need to contact us via Skype or Telegram and we will advise you on any questions.

❓ Can HUD be used on PokerMaster?

No, it's forbidden to use any HUDs and statistics trackers on PokerMaster. Violators could be banned with funds confiscation.

General Information

🌎 Network Independent
🎖️ Established 2017
🪪 License Unlicensed
🎁 Welcome Bonus -
💰 Rakeback No
💳 Rake 5% of your winnings
📊 Trackers Support via Converter(Hand2Note)
🏧 Cashier via Agent
🔒 VPN Not needed

Games and Formats

Payment methods



  • Amateurs from China
  • Heads-up tables up to NL6K
  • Very good fields in expensive games


  • Cashier via agents
  • Playing with the help of mobile app or emulator
  • Difficult set-up

PokerMaster Lobby

PokerMaster Registration

Contact with our affiliate manager, and start grinding now!

Affiliate manager

Affiliate manager

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