Poker Rooms Promotions: February 2021

February 2021 promises to be eventful for the poker industry. From this article, you will find out what bonuses, promotions and races will be held in February in the largest poker rooms.

The best deals of the largest poker rooms in February

This month, the iPoker Network is hosting a € 1M tournament series. Stars decided to experiment and launched the 50/50 Series. Party Poker, GG, PokerDom and PokerKing also did not stand aside, announcing a large number of major events.

What happens at PartyPoker

On February 13th, PartyPoker started the Million Online series, which will run until March 9th. The series includes 28 tournaments starting at $ 109. The most expensive high roller tournament is scheduled for March 8, which will cost players $ 102.000.

At Party Poker, you can take part in various promotions and for a lower price. Leaderboards with standard structure and prizes are still running this month. Of the updates, we can only note the increased prize area in SNG-races on weekends.

Regulars can take part in the Legend of the Week promotion. To take part in it, you need to play in Daily Legends tournaments, enter the prize zone and earn tickets. $ 60K is played out each week as part of this promotion.

There are 5 leaderboards, depending on the buy-in, only the results of 2 tournaments are taken into account. The races are held among players in tournaments ranging from $ 2.20 to $ 55. In addition, you can still take part in the Boosted Daily Legends promotion at Party.

APL Series and February Giveaway with $ 7M Guaranteed from GG

The February Giveaway prizes pool is up $ 500.000 compared to January.

Standard offers that continue in February:

  1. The daily flip-outs are played out for $ 30K.
  2. The free buy-in is awarded after 100 hands have been drawn in AoF. 
  3. In the cash races at the tables with the rules of Hold’em and Omaha, 40 thousand dollars are still up for grabs.
  4. In the daily Rush and Cash race, the prize pool has not changed either – $40.000.

Changes in promotions:

  1. In the Spins leaderboards, the prize fund has increased from $ 20K to $ 30K. 
  2. In 6+ Hold’em races, the prize pool doubled – from 5K to 10K dollars. 

Until February 21, the poker room hosts the APL series, which consists of 16 tournaments worth from $ 16. The guaranteed prize pool is ¥ 80 million, or $ 12.4 million. The Main Event for $ 291 will collect the largest prize pool – over $ 1.5 million. Starting flights in this tournament will be held until February 21st. There will be holidays in China at this time, so an increase in the number of weak Asian players should be expected.

Promotions from BestPoker and RedStar Poker

iPoker Rooms offer Card Lovers promotion  in February. To do this, you need to complete various missions.

So, for Twister tournaments worth 1 euro or more, the following tasks can be: win at showdown with pocket hands AK, 76, JT, T9 of the heart suit; win at showdown with a heart flush combination, with the cards on hand: QJ or KQ.

For cash players at stakes from NL10, with the exception of heads-up, 6+ and TTFS tables, the following missions are offered: collect three hands AK, 76, JT, T9 of the heart suit; win the showdown with a flush of hearts that includes both pocket cards – QJ or KQ.

Each mission can be completed three times a day. For completing tasks, a special scratch card is issued containing a ticket to the tournament worth 20 euro cents to 100 euros. The ticket must be used within a week after receiving it.

The Bounty Hunter series with a guarantee of € 1 million has not been played at BestPoker or RedStar Poker for the past two years. It returns and runs from February 26 to March 7. The series consists of 83 RKO tournaments, costing from 10 to 1000 euros. Events are held with the rules of Hold’em, Omaha, Hold’em 6+ and PLO8. Satellites with buy-ins from 1 euro cent will start on February 22nd.

Best Poker organised a daily race for MTT players with a total prize of 500 euros, given out by tournament tickets. In order to take part in this race, you need to play GTD tournaments worth between 10 and 100 euros.

For each euro from the buy-in, the participant is awarded 3 points. The first 25 players will receive additional points in accordance with their place. Points are calculated using the formula: 100x (1 / n), where n is the player’s position. Those participants who make it to the final table will receive double the points. Tournament tickets worth from 1 to 100 euros are awarded as a prize fund. The first 50 players will be awarded. The winner of the leaderboard will receive a buy-in of € 100 and 4 buy-ins of € 20 each.

TigerGaming promotions and leaderboard 

TigerGaming poker room will host daily All-in Shootout freerolls until the 28th with a guarantee from 1K to 3K dollars. To participate in these free tournaments, you need to complete three tasks every day. Tasks are divided into three categories: Lucky Card – to get to the showdown with a specific pocket card, Pocket Pair – to collect a specific pocket hand, Poker Hand – to collect a specific combination with pocket cards and board cards.

After completing all three missions, you will receive a ticket to participate in the freeroll. To view the available missions and the conditions for their completion, go to the My Mission section. Press Opt In to start the task.

TigerGaming poker room still has January promotions. For cash players, the leaderboard is divided into three limits: 10-25 with a prize pool of $ 1K and 25 prizes; 50-200 with $ 4K prize and 25 places; 500 and above with a total prize pool of $ 5K and 10 winners.

Players from all cash tables including PLO, Boost and Bad Beat Jackpot can take part in this leaderboard. One point is awarded for every dollar of rake. Scoring starts at 8.00pm Sunday and ends at 7.59pm the following Sunday. To take part in the leaderboard, click on Opt In in the Contests section.

For fans of SNG and Windfall formats, races are also held, in each of which 2.5K dollars are played out among the top 25 players. DoN CIS players and heads-up tables cannot take part in the leaderboard. One point is awarded for every dollar of the generated rake.

PokerKing reload bonus and start of the series with a $ 13 million guarantee

Until March 14, the PokerKing poker room is hosting a major series of OSS Cub3d tournaments. As always, the schedule is divided into three parts:

  1. 7-18 February – MOSS with man event for $55 and $500К prize. 
  2. 23 February – 7 March – OSS with main event for $630 and $1 million guarantee. 
  3. 8-14 March – BOSS with main event for $2.650 and $1 million guarantee.

The series begins with a $ 16.50 tournament with a $ 125K guarantee.

PokerKing has a reload bonus timed to the OSS series. When you fund your account in the amount of $ 25 or more with the OSS100 code, you will receive a bonus: 50% when you deposit up to $ 100, or 100% when you deposit up to $ 100 in cryptocurrency. The bonus needs to be wagered – $ 5 is given for the earned 120 points ($ 1 of rake is 5.5 points). 30 days are given for wagering. 

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