Crypto Online Casinos 2023

Casinos that accept Bitcoin

Choosing casinos that accept Bitcoin brings a chance to multiply your balance by playing online. Yes, BTC is a digital currency that attracts investors, but it is also used for gambling fun. Therefore, the focus here will be to show tips and how Bitcoin online cas inos work. Below you can see the best casinos that accept Bitcoin. The list of the best casinos that accept Bitcoin brings the platforms that stood out during my evaluation. It took several hours of testing to choose sites that accept crypto and are safe to play online. After all, only those that are regulated by an authority, that is, that go through official audits, were included in the ranking. Besides this, I also considered other criteria that I explain a little further on. Below you can check out a summarized ranking with the Bitcoin casinos divided by category.

Top Bitcoin casinos by category

Each player may consider different features as a priority in an online casino. While some look for the best offers, others don’t do without a great area with a live dealer. With that in mind, I’ve divided the casinos that accept Crypto in by category. I have highlighted Stake because it is a casino that was born for Bitcoin fans. The platform provides a rich user experience that is easy to create an account in BTC. Moreover, it stands out for its multi-wallet function, allowing you to manage your balance in different currencies. This option is great if you want to play in both BTC and the Brazilian currency, for example. If you’re looking for good deals, Joo Casino often has bonuses. Although the welcome bonus is not exclusive to Bitcoin, you can take advantage of it if you choose the cryptocurrency. I have also selected VBet Casino for those looking for an alternative with an extensive catalogue: there are more than 10,000 games. Bodog completes the list of winners as a great option to play with a live dealer, as the house has two live casino areas.

How to choose the best Crypto casino?

I selected the Bitcoin casinos from the ranking by following criteria that, in my experience, I consider fundamental in an online gaming platform.

Criteria for selection

  1. No deposit offer: casinos to play for free with bonus
  2. Welcome bonus: what are the best offers for new players?
  3. Payment: in which casinos can I use Bitcoin for deposit and withdrawal?
  4. Security: is bitcoin casino safe to play?
  5. Game selection: what is the casino’s game offer like?
  6. Live casino: is it possible to play with live dealer?
  7. Mobile: does the casino offer a good experience for mobile play?
  8. Support: what support services are available?

No Deposit Bonus

Something I always recommend is to look for bitcoin casinos with no deposit bonuses. They are not so easy to find, but we always have an updated list of free bonuses. This type of bonus is interesting because it allows you to try out the casino without the need to make your first deposit.

Registration Bonus

Your first investment in a bitcoin casino can also be turbocharged with a welcome bonus. And another good news is that I have tested casinos with registration bonuses that offer extra balance until the fourth deposit, for example. All promotions have rules and for this reason we always recommend reading the Terms and Conditions. To give you an idea, I’ll show you a summary of how these conditions usually work.

Rules Example
Bonus amount 100% up to $500
Validity 30 days
Minimum deposit R$25
Rollover 35x bonus amount
Valid payment methods: Bitcoin
Depending on the Bitcoin casino, the deposit will be made in BTC, but the balance will be converted to BRL.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Bitcoin casinos can work with the cryptocurrency in 2 ways that have significant differences:

  1. By the option of creating a Bitcoin account on the platform
  2. Only allowing transactions via BTC wallet

You need to know how each one works for the one most suitable for your profile.

Bitcoin account

Some casinos allow you to have a Bitcoin account, which makes it possible to select BTC as your primary currency. This way, transactions are actually made in the cryptocurrency, without the need to convert to a fiat currency such as real or dollar. This is the case at casino – where you can have one account in BRL and another in BTC if you want.

  • You bet directly with Bitcoin, just like you would with cash.
  • Your casino account balance will be shown in BTC.
  • Best way to avoid fees for deposits and withdrawals.
  • You do not risk devaluation by the exchange rate.

Via Bitcoin Wallet

When the casino accepts transactions via Bitcoin wallet, as is done at N1 Bet Casino, it means that your balance will be converted. You make your deposit in the cryptocurrency, but the bets will be made in the fiat currency (real, euro, dollar). If on your preferred site it is like this, just pay attention to the following details:

  • The amount for the exchange rate
  • Extra fee from the service provider

Also do not forget to check if the casino offers this option for withdrawals. In some cases it is only possible to make deposits.


The casinos that accept Bitcoin listed here have been checked with regard to the security they provide to players. After all, we invest our money to play at casinos and all we don’t need is a site with security holes that allow our personal data to be leaked. You can do that too. The basic information is usually at the bottom of the page:

  • See if the online casino has a valid license. This means that the site goes through audits that guarantee fair gaming.
  • Look for seals from authorities such as eCogra, a reference in fraud testing.
  • Check if the site has responsible gaming actions, offering guidance in combating gambling addiction.
  • Choose platforms that use current security technologies, such as data encryption.

Casino Games

The best casinos often have partnerships with leading game developers. Thus, the catalogue becomes richer, with the most popular games, besides diversifying modes. In the list of Bitcoin casinos, I checked if the platforms offer traditional games so there is no shortage of Blackjack and roulette options, for example. You will also find online scratch cards and bingo.

Live Casino

For those who like the thrill of playing with professional dealers, it’s worth considering choosing live casino. See if the platform offers renowned software such as Playtech or Evolution. A good diversity of providers also adds up to positive points.


For practicality, it is important to check if the Bitcoin casino offers a good experience for playing on mobile. Check if there is an app available for the operating system you use. In the listed casinos, I also tested the mobile site and I can say that I was able to enjoy the features even without downloading an app. The games worked perfectly when accessed through the browser and most of the sites keep the organisation of the catalogue very similar to that of an app.

Customer Service

Having a support team available at your online casino is important because it allows you to clarify questions and solve problems in a secure manner. For this reason, I like to check if the platform:

  • offers support to players by chat
  • the support team will inform you of their hours of operation
  • does not usually take long to answer questions

These 3 casinos that accept Bitcoin, for example, offer support in Portuguese and 7 days a week.

Complete list of Best Bitcoin casinos

There are other Bitcoin casinos that may fall outside the main ranking, but they also deserve attention. Click on the drop-down menu below to check out the full list of trusted sites that accept the cryptocurrency.Reasons to play at Bitcoin casinos More casinos are adopting the payment method, increasing your options for playing with Bitcoin. Still, you might be wondering what reasons to choose the cryptocurrency to play online. So I’ve put together a list of the top benefits:

  1. Appreciation: as BTC is on the rise in the market, you can also see the balance you earn by playing have a good yield.
  2. Absence of taxes: to use bitcoin in an online casino. If you make the transactions without currency conversion, you are free from IOF, for example.
  3. Security: it is a safe method, since the technology applied is Blockchain. It is used in cryptocurrencies and recognized for being able to bar fraud attempts in the system.
  4. Low deposits: as 1BTC can be worth a lot in Brazilian currency, you can make deposits using the lowest units of the cryptocurrency.
  5. Higher limits: casinos with BTC also benefit those who use higher values, since the deposit and withdrawal limits are also usually higher compared to other currencies.
  6. Confidential payments: Bitcoin transactions are made anonymously and legally.
  7. Bonuses: in addition to the exclusive Bitcoin bonuses, most casinos that accept BTC also allow the method to be accepted in bonuses with values shown in conventional currencies.

Reasons not to choose BTC

There are few cons when it comes to choosing Bitcoin casinos, but they should be weighed according to your profile.

  • One of them is the issue of fluctuation of the value in the market as it is subject to devaluation.
  • Another point is that while there are usually no fees charged by the casinos, you are not free from costs to maintain the cryptocurrency wallet.


If you’ve come this far, but saw that bitcoin might not be the best option, know that there are good alternatives in online casinos that pay real money. Just below, I show you three other methods that can also be used to play online:

  • Ethereum
  • USDT
  • Cardano

Bitcoin: key information

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, also called cryptocurrency, which brings a new economic model. This is because the currency does not belong to a government, country or financial institution. Transactions are made without intermediaries, from user to user. In 2021, already in the first months, 1 bitcoin was worth US$ 58,000. To stay up to date, you can follow the currency exchange rate in real time. Casinos usually make this information clear at the time of payment. It’s also important to note that you can play online using the smallest BTC units:

  • the smallest of them is 1 satochi = 1 hundred millionth of a Bitcoin (₿0.00000001)
  • 1 microbitcoin = 1 millionth of Bitcoin (₿0.000001)
  • 1 millibitcoin = 1 thousandth of Bitcoin (₿0.0001)

How it works in the online casino

Using BTC to play online is simple. Transactions are done within minutes, without depending on location and time. Once you master the information about the cryptocurrency, there are not so many differences compared to paying with other methods. This is how you deposit at a casino that accepts Bitcoin:

You can also use Bitcoin to withdraw at online casinos. In this case, make sure you have met all the requirements, such as rollover.


The amount of casinos that accept Bitcoin in Brazil has been increasing. Soon, there are more chances to win bonuses that you can take advantage of using the method. It is also worth noting that BTC is a safe payment method, as well as a way to see your balance yield. After all, the cryptocurrency is on the rise. But of course this depends a lot on your profile as a player. I recommend that you apply the tips for choosing the best Bitcoin casino used in this review.