Online Poker Horoscope 2021: What To Expect in 2021

2021, the year of the White Metal Ox, promises to be calm and stable. However, for each zodiac sign, the stars have prepared their own fate. If you are fond of poker, you should understand that in this game of chance, there is a factor of luck, although much depends on skills. Therefore, many poker players listen to horoscopes and make decisions based on the recommendations of astrologers.

Aries (21/03 – 20/04)

Daria Feshchenko / Mikhail Semin

For Aries, 2021 promises to be very productive, but only if they put in enough effort to achieve their goals. Therefore, it is worth working on your game, perhaps hiring a coach, or working out on your own. At the beginning of summer, your luck may turn away from you, so be prepared for long downstreaks. This is the best time to improve your game.

Astrologers recommend that Aries be more careful with their money in 2021. With regard to poker, we can recommend not rushing to move to higher limits, especially in June-July. Build a bankroll large enough so that variance doesn’t drain it.

Aries, who managed to organise their financial affairs and are working hard on the game, will feel the results of the work done by the end of the year. Your poker income will increase significantly. On the eve of the New Year holidays, you can please yourself with the desired purchases or gifts for family and friends – the money should be more than enough. 

Taurus (21/04 – 20/05)

Igor Kurganov

Significant changes await those born under the sign of Taurus, and by choosing the right path, they will be able to achieve high results. In the spring, Taurus will make the right decisions regarding career choices. Therefore, if you were planning to master a new poker discipline or format, or perhaps you wanted to change your poker room, then it is best to do this in the spring.

The financial situation of Taurus may deteriorate at the beginning of the year. It is possible that incomes will even decrease, but a significant part of the funds will be spent on emerging needs associated with a change in specialisation (a deposit in a new room, spending on training in another discipline). It is extremely important for Taurus to feel material independence. And if financial difficulties arise, people born under this zodiac sign lose their temper, lose their self-control. It is obvious that at the poker table you shouldn’t allow yourself to be so weak.

In the fall, Taurus may have a new idea, the implementation of which will require financial investment. This idea can radically change your life. So try to save money during the spring and summer. By the end of the year, astrologers predict big profits for Taurus.

Gemini (21/05 – 21/06)

Mikhail Shalamov

For Gemini, 2021 will be a better year than the past 2020. It is very important for poker players that their streak of bad luck will finally end. Gemini, who are used to playing in a standard rhythm, can be calm – nothing will change for them in a year. With the previous activity, one should not expect any significant changes, including progress. Still, for the adventurous and ambitious Gemini, 2021 could be a very productive year.

April-August is the most successful period for poker players born under the sign of Gemini. It might be worth increasing the time spent at the poker tables in the summer. But at the end of the year, problems may arise, the source of which will be external factors. Also in November and December it will be possible to change the scope of activities. Feel free to master new poker disciplines – they can bring you additional profit.

Cancer (22/05 – 22/06)

Phil Hellmuth / Sam Trickett

The year 2021 has prepared a lot of surprises for Cancers, and therefore they will have to adapt to new conditions. Cancers are not very fond of changes in their lives, but if they start to act in the right direction, they will achieve success. It is possible that spontaneous decisions will be more beneficial than careful and long-term planning. Trust your intuition.

As for material wealth, poker players who were born under the zodiac sign of Cancer have nothing to worry about. No financial losses are expected in the first half of the year, and the second half bodes well for big profits. However, some representatives of the Cancer constellation will not be happy with their financial situation, and will begin to get involved in events that are dubious for themselves (play not according to the bankroll, try new formats, take risks), which will lead to a worsening of the financial situation.

Leo (23/07 – 23/08)

Daniel Negreanu / Fedor Holz

If you are a Leo zodiac sign, then be prepared for significant changes. You can expect changes in both your professional career and your personal life. Various external circumstances will prevent you from realising your goals, but hard work and perseverance will help you cope with difficulties.

According to astrologers, Leos in 2021 have a good chance to turn their hobby into a profitable business. What this means for poker players – if you’ve played from time to time, now it’s time to concentrate on the game. Perhaps poker will become your favourite business and the main source of income.

The main feature of people born under the zodiac sign of Leo is that they are never content with little. They set themselves an overestimated goal and follow it non-stop. Restraint and calmness can be very helpful along the way.

Virgo (24/08 – 22/09)

Mike McDonald

Those born under the sign of Virgo are used to taking their duties very responsibly. If they continue this approach in 2021, it will lead to an increase in income and an improvement in financial situation. Plan your every step carefully, do not rely on luck, and then you will succeed. The same goes for poker – don’t take risks in vain, play on the card, and the result will not be long in coming.

In early spring, you should expect unexpected expenses. However, these costs will fully pay for themselves within a year and bring additional profit. In May and June, life can throw tests for Virgos, but following the set goal and showing resilience, they will be able to cope with any difficulties. At the end of summer, the financial situation of Virgo will improve significantly. At this time, you can afford to make expensive purchases – they will not affect the general welfare.

2021 provides poker players born under the sign of Virgo with many opportunities for self-realisation. You may be able to move up the stakes, or increase your winrate. But you shouldn’t relax even when you start getting high profit steadily.

Libra (23/09 – 22/10)

Viktor Blom

If you were born under the Libra zodiac sign, then 2021 will be much more successful for you than the previous year. During this period, it is worth taking up the development of your career. If you play poker, you should probably do it professionally. If you are already a regular with high limits, but would like to improve your financial situation, then 2021 is ideal time for new experiments. Do not be afraid to master new game formats, try different poker rooms, perhaps you will be successful in live poker. The main thing is to believe in yourself, and then everything should work out.

Astrologers warn that in 2021, some representatives of the Libra zodiac sign may be overcome by an irresistible desire to spend all their savings. Do not give in to such impulses, because the desired purchase will bring only short-term joy, and then disappointment will come. It’s better to save money for a profitable investment, including poker. 

Scorpius (23/10 – 22/11)

Andrey Pateychuk

For Scorpios, 2021 will start with the possibility of professional advancement or retraining for more profitable work. Success in a career should not turn the head of a scorpio – you need to maintain composure, and then the year will end as productively as possible. If you project this prediction into the poker industry, then you can predict an increase in winrate and an increase in limits.

Many representatives of the zodiac sign Scorpio have a natural desire to be the best. It is this quality that will now help them achieve their goals. Some Scorpions will receive unexpected offers that promise super-high profits. Do not make decisions quickly – carefully weigh the pros and cons.

Sagittarius (23/11 – 21/12)

Douglas Polk

To achieve their goals, Sagittarius in 2021 will have to work hard. However, you don’t need to get hung up on just your job – take breaks for rest, otherwise you can work out to a nervous breakdown. Sagittarius poker players may have thoughts about changing the poker room, but you should carefully consider all the consequences of such a move. Nevertheless, if you decide to change, then you can easily adapt to the new room.

2021 is a great year for Sagittarius to form a money cushion. Astrologers predict successful investments. If there is no experience of financial investments, you should consult a specialist. Material difficulties may arise only at the very beginning of 2021. They are not caused by external factors, but by the Sagittarius’ love for luxury purchases.

Козерог (22/12 – 20/01)

Phil Galfond / Patrick Leonard

Capricorns who have spent 2020 on the job will finally be able to enjoy the results of their labor. They will have the opportunity to change their lives for the better in all respects. February may not be the best month for some Capricorns due to health problems, but spring will be the most fruitful.

Astrologers recommend that Capricorns stay calm in 2021 and do not tell others about their plans. Emotional restraint will help you achieve your goals. At the beginning of summer, a difficult period awaits Ibex. But correctly drawn conclusions from unpleasant situations will help to avoid them in the future. Poker lovers will experience a professional upsurge by the end of summer and early September. This is a great time to try to increase your profits (increase the number of tables, move up the limits, devote more time to poker).

Aquarius (21/01 – 19/02)

Bertrand Grospellier/ Phil Ivey

2021 could be the best year for Aquarius if they don’t stop there and keep working hard. Astrologers believe that this year is ideal for the implementation of their plans. However, achieving these goals will require not only luck, but also diligence. It is not recommended to change the environment – with the proper perseverance, you can achieve high results in the existing environment.

At the end of the year, Aquarius need to avoid conflicts and stressful situations that can unbalance them. Some representatives of this zodiac sign will have a desire to break off previous business relationships, going in search of a new source of income. 2021 is not the best year for radical changes. Calmer changes should be preferred. For example, for poker players, this is not a departure from poker, but a change of room or discipline.

Fishes (20/02 – 20/03)

Maria Ho

The beginning of the year for Pisces will not live up to their expectations. They will work hard, but they will not be properly rewarded until spring. Therefore, poker players are not recommended to increase the duration of the sessions – the result from this will be insignificant. But to gain new knowledge, January and February 2021 is the ideal time. Work on your game, learn new strategies, read poker literature – any information will be useful to you. In spring and summer, the knowledge gained will bring the expected result.

Pisces are very gambling and risky poker players. And if last year they only suffered from their passion, then in 2021 this feature will bring them a profit. Naturally, this does not mean that you have to participate in every hand with any hands. However, when playing big pots and in difficult situations, the risk can be justified.