Poker rooms for multitabling

PokerStars was first, and then Good Game network poker rooms have limited the number of tables played simultaneously to four. This was a detrimental strike against multi tablers who got used to playing at the big number of tables simultaneously. PokerStars limited only cash games to four tables and GG made the limitation across all the types of plays excluding MTTs.
What is behind this decision? The support explains these innovations as the needed ones according to users’ feedback. turns out, the majority of poker players plays at one able at a time, while multi tablers are a minority. Solotablers have to wait for their turn for too long because of multi-table users. That results in decreasing engagement and interest to the game for common players.
Poker rooms management showed hope that these restrictions wouldn’t hurt GG and PokerStars attendance by the multi tablers, and they will be able to adapt to the new meta. However, many regulars aren’t going accept such innovations and are in search for some other places to effectively grind without any limitations. Let’s have a look at several poker rooms that offer excellent terms for the multi-table play.

Tiger Gaming

Tiger Gaming is the most visited poker room that is a part of Chico Poker Network and is 15th on traffic. This poker room can attract the people who are in search of a poker room for multi-tabling with its weak field that almost entirely consists of US poker players. On average, cash games of this room gather around 500-600 people, and during the peak time (6:00-7:30 MSK) there are over 900 entries.
Cash games are presented with standard Hold’em and Omaha and also fast poker (Boost). The stakes start at 1⁄2 cents and end at 10/20 US dollars. Those who fancy tournaments will find a good selection of them here, including freerolls, MTTs with buy-ins up to $250 and guaranteed prize funds of up to $50 thousand and SNG with buy-ins up to $30.
Rake in Tiger Gaming, just like in any poker rooms of Chico Poker Network is taken according to the weighted contributed system and is at 5.5%. Max rake size is limited and depends on the number of players at the tables and the stakes you play. For instance, at NL10 heads-up play rake is capped at $0,5 and of there are 3 or more players, rake doesn’t exceed 1 dollar.
VIP system in Tiger Gaming is non-existent, but with the help of comp-points exchange, players can get rakeback. Also, you can take part in the rake race which is divided into three levels depending on the number of stakes. In total, cashback reaches 30% but it could be significantly increased if you will be affiliated there by our website.


PokerKing is a popular poker room which is part of the Winning Poker Network. This poker room allows access to US players so it has quite a number of fish. PokeKing is famous for its bonuses and nice rakeback which goes up to 65% at the maximal VIP status. Also, some big tournaments with the guaranteed prize fund up to 5 million dollars take place here.
WPN Network is Top-10 on traffic in the worlds so there is no lack of game selection and the number of tables for users. The average number of visitors at the poker room is usually at 3,000 people. In evenings and at the weekend traffic increases dramatically. Cash tables gather around 450 players, and during peak time their number increases up to 1,500.
Cash tables play Hold’em, Omaha, and 7-card Stud. Tha stakes star at 1⁄2 cents and end at 50/100 dollars. There is heads-up format with the maximal stakes at $50/$100. The heads-up format is available, maximal stakes are also at $50/$100. There is a big variety of different tournaments which differ in buy-ins and formats. One can play regular, turbo, knockout tournaments, deep stack events and tournaments with guaranteed prize funds. Buy-ins reach up to 5,000. The biggest of such tournaments is The Venom with $5,000,000 in the guaranteed prize pool.
Rake in PokerKing is capped at 5% at all the stakes and capped at 3 dollars. Rake is taken only at hands that at least reach flop. Cheap tournaments have a rake of around 10% of the buy-in. The commission of the room for more expensive events decreases to 6%. SNG tournaments have the lowest rake among other popular poker rooms.
The rake size depends on your level in the VIP system, and since recently, there are six of them in PokerKing. To reach the highest level, one has to generate over $181,818 of rake per month. To keep this level, you need a sum twice smaller than that. The owners of VIP status King have up to 65.58% of rake back in points – SP that could be exchanged for money.


Poker network iPoker is at 12th place in the world in traffic. This parameter puts them ahead of Chico and Microgaming. During peak hours the number of visitors reaches 5,400 people. Cash games are presented in a rather big variety of stakes. The biggest number of players gather at the tables at NL10 – there are up to 20 tables in prime time here. Twice fewer tables are at stakes of NL20 and NL50, and NL100 is more popular than these two – 15 tables of it. NL1K also has some action. These stakes usually gather up to 4 full tables and the same amount of tables with 3 or 4 participants and 2 tables of heads-up format. This is Hold’em, Omaha is a little less popular. There are 5-10 tables on average at four stakes limits of PLO100 to PLO1000.

Those who like exclusive and gaining popularity format of poker Holdem 6+ will be able to find lots of action at micro stakes and up to 10 tables at the stakes of NL10 to NL100. There is also fast poker in iPoker and most of the players are at stakes of NL20-NL60. We should highlight that this room only allows HUD for the first table you open – that is the peculiarity of iPoker network.
Depending on the stakes, rake varies at 5% to 6.67%. The heads-up cap is 50 euro-cent at micro stakes and 1 dollar at higher stakes. If there are 3 or more players in the pot, the rake is capped at 50 euro-cents at NL2-5, 2 Euro at NL10-20, 3 Euro at NL50 and 4 Euro at NL100+. iPoker uses the system of rake called SBR, and according to it, half of the rake is contributed according to the part of each player competing for the pot, and the other half – according to the source of money (deposit or winnings).
Betfair Poker is the biggest poker room in iPoker network. This poker room offers the most profitable terms, considering the number of visitors, the size of rakeback, software quality and support service work. New players can count on the first deposit bonus of 200 %. You can get an additional 10% of rakeback by participating in a monthly promo called “The Bank Job”. Also, this room hosts two rake races that also allow increasing the rakeback size.

Betfair Poker has 3-leveled VIP system. The level is reached as Status Points are gained, and they are counted monthly. Every Euro of rake gives of 1 SP. Depending on VIP level, you will have a multiplier so these points would turn to VPPs (VIP Poker Points). VPPs can be exchanged to cash at a rate of 375 VPP is 1 Euro. Also, these points serve as buy-ins for some tournaments. To convert them, you need at least 3,750 VPPs. By registering in this poker room from our website, you will be able to receive the increased rakeback of 35% and higher.

To sum up, despite the fact that the leading poker rooms of GG and PokerStars have limited the number of tables for multi-tabling, there are plenty of decent alternatives that still are offering great terms for the multi-table games.