New poker rooms on PokerProDeals

Such world leaders of online poker industry like PokerStars and 888Poker unalterably attract more and more visitors. This is due to the great number of visitors in these rooms, variety of games and stakes, huge number of different promotions and bonuses. However, popular poker rooms attract the experienced poker players who are present there in big numbers in comparison with the fish. That’s why it is getting harder to win in the poker rooms with the big number of visitors, especially at the middle and high stakes.

If you are looking for a softer field, we’d like to suggest you sign up to such poker rooms like Vbet, PokerSharks and KingsClubPoker. These poker rooms are less popular, have a smaller number of visitors and the selection of the games isn’t great here. However, due to their low popularity, they lack regulars and attract mostly addicted recreational players.  That’s why play in these poker rooms could turn out to be much less profitable than the one at the tables of the leading poker rooms.

Vbet Poker

Vbet Poker is a new poker room from Armenia with the peak number of players at 500-700 – and this peak time is in the evening MSK. MTT with the buy-ins at 0.05 to 100 Euro are the most popular games here. Overlay tournaments happen very often here, there are also freerolls and satellites (including the ones to the live events)

Vbet offers high-quality software for desktop installation. It allows quickly finding the game you need based on the parameters you set, effective multi-tabling, changing the looks of the tables, seat selection and setting up betting sizes. The room doesn’t support tracking software, like Hold’em Manager and PokerTracker, that is a disadvantage for the regulars and has a positive effect for the beginners.

The rake size at Vbet is close to one of the popular rooms and is at 5% mark. Thanks to VIP programme one could get 50% in cashback. You could also try to get all the 100% of your rake back by entering the Top-3 of the winners in a special tournament which is held for 18 players who generate the biggest rake.


PokerSharks is an Israeli poker rooms with the small and very weak field. Currently it only allows playing cash games, but the tournaments are also coming. Visitors peak is in the evening MSK time. There is almost no play at the weekends.

The room has Texas Hold’em tables with the stakes of $0.25/$0.50 to $50/$100. Pot-Limit Omaha has the tables with the stakes of  $0.25/$0.50 to $15/$30. The tables are 6-max and heads-up. Poker trackers aren’t supported by this room.


KingsClubPkr is the private US poker room with the big number of recreational players who prefer such poker formats as Omaha, Razz, Stud, Chinese poker and Mixed games. the visitors of the room are wealthy poker amateurs so you would have zero troubles finding a lot of action at high stakes.

The peak of visitors is traditional to the US poker room and is in the morning European time. The maximal number of entries is 150, during the day and evening time 50-90 people online is the norm here. Omaha has bigger popularity here – up to 10 tables at the stakes of $5/$10. Mixed games have 5-7 tables during the peak time at the stakes of $30/$60.

There is no special app for KingsClubPkr, just browser version of the poker room. Naturally,  there are no trackers for collecting the stats in this poker room.

The poker rooms we’ve mentioned above do not have a high number of visitors or the big selection of games and stakes. However, soft field, comfortable software and profitable game conditions make these poker rooms attractive to many poker fans.