Winter 2019: bonuses and promotions of poker rooms

Only one month has passed since the beginning of 2019, but many poker rooms have already managed to make changes in their VIP programs. Of course, their goal is to keep old and attract new customers. Some poker rooms did not change their loyalty programs but simply launched various promotions.

Today we want to tell you about the most important changes in the VIP programs of the most promising poker rooms.


In the last couple of years, PartyPoker has been doing a lot of effort into catching up with the long-standing leader of the online poker industry – PokerStars.

Two years ago, a loyalty program was launched, allowing you to receive a direct 20-40% rakeback from the room. The most active grinders who pay more than $100 000 in rake per year receive a special VIP status – Diamond Club, which provides a 50% rakeback. In the realities of 2019 it looks amazing.

Since 01.02.2019, PartyPoker has added a new VIP status – Diamond Club Elite. Players with this status will receive a 60% rakeback. To get the status – you need to pay more than $200 000 in rake per year.

In addition to the increased rakeback, players with the Diamond Club Elite VIP status will receive additional benefits in the form of tournament tickets:

1) a package for the Caribbean Poker Party festival worth $16 000;

2) a ticket for the November Millions Online worth $10 300.

Sounds good, huh? But that’s not all!

When a player pays $100 000 in rake (half of the amount required for the Diamond Club Elite), he will receive $10 000 from the room. And when a player pays $200 000 in rake, along with the highest VIP status he will get another $20 000 from the room.

The first two players who reach the Diamond Club Elite VIP status will receive a 100% rakeback for the period until 31.01.2020.


Every poker player dreams about playing in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker.

888poker launches a series of multi-step satellites where you can win the package for the Main Event of the WSOP 2019.

The first step – runs every day at 11:01 PM Moscow time with a buy-in of $16.5. Prizes are $109 tickets for the second step.

The second step – runs every Sunday at 08:12 PM Moscow time with a buy-in of $109. Prizes are $1 050 tickets for the main satellite.

The third step (the main satellite) – runs every Sunday at 11:20 PM Moscow time. One package for the Main Event of the WSOP 2019 is guaranteed. This package is worth $12 600.

In addition to the buy-in to the Main Event the package includes:

–          paid accommodation in 4* Hotel Vdata for 6 nights (04.07 – 10.07);

–          travel expenses in the amount of $1 000 (paid to the player’s account at 888poker);

–          invitation to a special party at 4* Hotel Vdara, organized by 888poker.


PokerKing, a member of the US Winning Poker Network (WPN), decided to launch the well-known «Happy Hour» promotion. Every day for one special hour (from 3PM to 4PM Moscow Time) players can collect up to 150% more Royalty Points. These points are the basis of the VIP system. The more points you collect – the higher your status and the bigger will be your rakeback from the room.

This promotion is available for the players with the following VIP statuses: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The exact multiplier is determined by the VIP status:

–          Bronze – 1.5

–          Silver – 2

–          Gold – 2.5

So, a player with the Gold VIP status will get 2.5 times more Royalty Points during the «Happy Hour».

GG network (BestPoker, Natural8, Breakout, BetKings)

In February (01.02-28.02) the GG Network runs the «Bad Beats of the Day» promotion for Omaha players with a prize pool of $56 000.

Every day $2 000 will be divided between the top 20 players who have lost a pot in PLO cash with hands from Queen-high flush and higher.

A player gets in the top 20 based on 3 factors:

–          the strength of the losing hand (the stronger the hand – the higher the place);

–          the size of the lost pot (the bigger the pot – the higher the place);

–          the time when the hand was played during the day (the earlier the hand was played – the higher the place).

The prizes in the top 20 are as follows:

Place Prize
1 $400
2 $275
3 $225
4 $175
5 $140
6 $115
7 $100
8 $90
9 $80
10 $70
11 $60
12 $50
13 $45
14 $40
15 $35
16 $30
17 $25
18 $20
19 $15
20 $10