PokerKlas is back on PokerProDeals

What kind of associations do ordinary people have with the word “Turkey”? Probably, these will be pictures of the sea, the beach and all-inclusive five-star hotels. But we both know that poker players are not ordinary people.

At the mention of “Turkey”, lots of poker regulars besides sunny beaches with nostalgia will recall the good old times when it was possible to get access to the sweet rooms of the Turkish PokerKlas.

For such nostalgic grinders (and for everyone who is trying really hard to find rooms with weak opposition), we are pleased to announce that PokerProDeals again provides its players with the unique opportunity to compete with hot Turkish fish at virtual poker tables.

Let’s review some of the features of the Poker Klas network.


PokerKlas is not a poker reservation, but most of the players are Turkish amatreurs who are unlikely to be able to compete with professional grinders.

VPN for the game is not required, access to the cashier is done through an agent.

Traffic Review

The peak hours occur in the evening in Europe. Usually the number of connections doesn’t exceed 300. Almost all traffic is concentrated in the cash game. There is basically no action in MTT and SNG.

Cash game traffic for 6-max and 9-max NLHE tables is not huge, but the main benefit is a rather low level of opponents.

During the peak hours, the most popular limit is NL45, where you can find about 10 tables. At lower limits (NL30, NL15, NL8) you can find around 5 tables at each limit. Games at limits higher than NL45 aren’t regular.

Omaha is very popular at PokerKlas, especially No-limit version of Omaha. Every fan of it knows how difficult it is to find action in other rooms besides Poker Stars. Perhaps, the reason for this popularity is in the hot temperament of the Turks, who are used to creating action and experiencing bright emotions, for which No-limit Omaha is a perfect fit.

Almost all the action in Omaha is focused at the limits up to PLO / NLO45. On each of the three most popular limits (PLO / NLO45, PLO / NLO30, PLO / NLO15) you can find about 5 tables.

At PokerKlas there are HU-tables, but the action is pretty rare.

Software and Trackers

Poker trackers aren’t supported.

Rake structure

The rake at PokerKlas is 3% with no caps.


The room does not have its own VIP-system, but for its players PokerProDeals offers pretty favorable conditions that allow you to receive a rakeback up to 35%.


Overall, given the softer fields and the good rakeback from the PokerProDeals, cash players should definitely consider PokerKlas as a good option for increasing their profits.