PLO traffic at the popular poker rooms

The most popular variation of poker is certainly Texas Hold’em and you will see a lot of traffic pretty much in every online poker room. However, the overall level of the completion is much higher and there are other negative sides like bots and regulars. This makes it hard to win playing Texas Hold’em.

That’s not the case with Pot Limit Omaha which is the second most popular games of poker online. While there aren’t as many tables as NLH, this variation still attracts enough attention and the overall level of the competition is much lower. Whether it’s because there aren’t as many education materials online or because the game is more complex, the opponents are worse compared to Texas Hold’em. As a result, you could make good money playing PLO.

In this article, we will take a quick look at the traffic in the biggest online poker rooms out there. This will help you pick the best place for you, depending on the limits you play:

  • PartyPoker: during peak hours, you will find plenty of table at PLO $10, but not more than 10. The next two limit offers about 5 tables or so, while there are 3-4 tables at PLO $50. If you go higher, there are 1-2 tables per limit from PLO $100 to PLO $1k. The exceptions are around the PLO $200-400 where you can find 5-7 tables on each of the limits;
  • Winning Poker Network: surprisingly, there are more Omaha players here than PartyPoker. At the limits between PLO $10 and PLO $50 you will find at least 10 tables on each level during the peak hours which are around the evenings in Central Europe. You will also find a decent traffic at PLO $200-600 and there regularly more than 5 tables of PLO $1k;
  • Good Game Network: the Asian giant GG network is also a good place to play some Pot Limit Omaha. You can find about 5 tables on each level up to PLO $400 and at least a table or two on the higher limits up to PLO $5k. You can also enjoy the unique Push/Fold format offered by GG. We’re talking about the European evenings here, the numbers are different at other times;
  • iPoker: the micro and low limits up to PLO $100 offer about 5-10 tables during peak hours. If you go higher than that, you will find 1-2 tables only;
  • Unibet Poker: this is a great place to find action around the low and micro limits in the PLO $4-$25 range. There are about 10 tables on each level during European evenings. The higher limits are still decent, with a couple of tables up to PLO $400 or so;
  • Chico Network: this is one of the few places where there’s actually action on 9-max tables and not only 5/6-max. You will see about 10-12 tables on micro limits up to PLO $25. The number drops to 4-5 tables in the PLO $50-$400 range. Every now and then there will be active tables up to $1k PLO;
  • Microgaming: the traffic here is very solid, especially during the peak hours in Europe. There are about 10 tables or more on all levels from PLO $10 to PLO $100. Above that, there are still a couple of tables on each level up to $1k PLO.

If you’re looking for the Omaha Hi-Lo variation, there’s not much traffic out there. You can find a couple of tables in most places, but only during peak hours and mostly low or micro limits.

A quick analysis of the numbers shows that you can find decent PLO action across all levels. If you looking for micro limits, Unibet is probably the best place out there. If you’re looking for PLO $10 and $25 tables, Microgaming and Winning are a good choice. For a bit higher limits, you should go to the GG network. Finally, the best high stakes action can be found at Winning Poker Network.

WPN has a couple of other advantages that make it a good place for Omaha players. For a start, it’s one of the places where HUDs run without any issues. On top of that, you can find some of the best rakeback deals.

Or conclusion is that Omaha is a great opportunity, especially in big networks limited to certain regions that aren’t so good at poker. The opponents there are worse than what you will find at No Limit Hold’em tables, but there’s a lot of variation and discipline required to be a long term winner in Pot Limit Omaha.