Best Fishiest Poker Rooms

The main goal of all the poker players is winning money. Finding the easiest and the most convenient way is always the priority. The best places for finding such a way are poker rooms with the fish players.

The weak field in a poker room is a quite relative term. The assessment of this factor will be much dependant on the level of your skill and the stakes you play. However, there is a much more precise indicator – regular players profit size out of the play deliberately at the tables without considering any additional fees.

Based on this data, we’ve selected the poker rooms with the weakest fields for you. You will be able to win some not just thanks to recreational players but also with the help of great PokerProDeals rakeback deal.


The old European poker room with the Asian pool of players who got here after this room joined Good Game network. The weakness of the field of this room is formed due to the set of factors:

  • the fast boost of the popularity of poker in Asia and complete absence of poker school websites and materials written on the local languages;

  • the local mentality that makes gamblers embrace any results at the table as a fortune tell that can not be controlled;

  • GG network policy for supporting amateur players in promotions, poker tables interface, VIP system (rakeback is defined randomly), poker software prohibition.

Minimal stakes at BestPoker – NL10 – so the weakest players are not spread across nano-stakes and have to play at the bigger stakes.

The big advantage for the regular grind at the weakest fields of BestPoker is how the play available during the day. The combination of European and Asian players leads to the environment where past-noon time to the late evening has the same number of tables at all the stakes.

You can see the following number of tables in BestPoker lobby during the day:

  • NL10: 25-35;

  • NL25: 15-20;

  • NL50: 10-15;

  • NL100: 7-15;

  • NL200: 4-8;

  • NL400: 2-3;

  • NL1K: about 2.

Some other stakes up to NL20K are available, but the action is quite episodical at them.

Omaha tables at BestPoker are spread across the stakes in the similar fashion at PLO25-PLO600 and their number is 3 to 8. There is a more expensive play at least at one table at all the stakes.


The Canadian poker room followed Best Poker steps and made the smallest stakes capped at NL10. The number of traffic in TigerGaming at all the stakes and at various time of the day was observed by us several times during the latest couple of months:

The weak field in this poker room is supported by the following factors:

  • common players aren’t able to use trackers without purchasing a separate converter;

  • base rakeback size is quite small;

  • North-American fishes come to poker tables to gamble on sports betting and casino and those are industries that are also well-developed by TigerGaming.


In addition to animated software and poker software prohibition, new promotions based on task completions and hands played, random seating at the tables which interferes with bum hunting. As well as TigerGaming, Unibet is some famous sportsbook and online casino. It takes the aggressive marketing position in Europe and now is almost equal to the Microgaming network, which was quitted by the room back in 2014.

We’ve told you of the poker rooms for the general public with the weak field and fishes from the different regions of the planet. There are also poker rooms with the level of field limited not just with the factors we’ve mentioned above but also with the fact they are private.

Europe has the biggest poker reservation in Italy. and Peoples Poker

Our website offers the exclusive access to play in those two Italian reservations. The weak field in these rooms makes playing in them very promising. is a perfect fit for those who knows and enjoys Playtech software, which supports trackers directly.

Peoples Poker is interesting with its aggressive 5-max tables that have almost all the Hold’em action.

Both poker rooms have tables up to stakes of NL1K. Middle stakes have 10 tables at all the stakes during peak hours.

Aconcagua and LATPoker

Latin America is now in the shadow of the Asian poker boom, but the game gains popularity here, and the locals are more inclined to gambling than any other people.

Although traffic in Aconcagua and LATPoker is smaller than in Italian reservations and lots of tables here are at the smallest of stakes (we’ve described LATPoker night traffic in details here). South American poker rooms have the best conditions for bum hunting (we also offer huge rakeback at our website). It is similar to TigerGaming poker room with the weaker field.