PPPoker: play against US and Asia Fish Players!

Now it is very hard to find online poker players who are unaware of Asian poker apps. This matter is one of the most discussed at poker websites. Today we are going to tell you about one of the most popular and extraordinary applications of those – PPPoker.

So why these poker apps from Asia attract players that much? Firstly, the opportunity to play at middle or high stakes in very weak squads with people who are more used to gamble in live casinos, or in an online style of ten years or so. That means that regulars of NL10-25 at PokerStars easily beat PPPoker NL100-200.

The access to such game is complicated with the series of specialties Asian poker apps have. Among them are:

  • software created just for mobile devices;
  • there is a rule: one account – one table played;
  • the currency is play money and all the transactions are made with the help of an agent;
  • all the tables are divided into clubs, no general traffic.

PPPoker is no exception but it has a series of advantages in comparison with similar applications.

PPPoker software advantages:

  • there is a version for Windows;
  • Russian and English support;
  • converter operations to display HUD at the tables;
  • the player creates the account on his own;
  • the client is user-friendly and stable.

Advantages of playing at PPPoker:

  • fish at all the tables;
  • the variety of games (MTT, SNG, Cash Hold’em, Omaha, OFC) and stakes;
  • Strict clubs policy against the teamplay;
  • players from various countries of the world, not just Asian, but also American, Australian and European clubs in PPPoker;
  • 5% rake contributed taken strictly from the winnings.

As we have already written earlier, one of the key elements of playing in PPPoker is the agent who gets you the pass to the clubs. A player is able to create the account without outside help, but he won’t get access to the proven clubs with weak fields.

That is why PPPoker is so effective in the bundle with PokerProDeals as in addition to the advantages we’ve listed above, you’ll also have the following:

  • All your money are safe – in case anything happens with the app or the clib, you will 100% be able to get all the money back from your account in PPPoker;
  • Fixed rakeback up to 40%;
  • Small-sized minimal deposit and the opprotunity to make it using pay systems you’re used to;
  • Opportunity to transfer chips from one club to another without any fees;
  • low size of the cash out fee;
  • full informational and technical players’ support;
  • the good set of clubs which grows over time.

What clubs do we give our players access to?

Now in PPPoker we offer over ten clubs to choose from. This list only includes clubs after they are checked for game integrity and field weakness. That’s why we are able to guarantee our players that our clubs abide all the rules at all the stakes as there are plenty of weak players who barely know the rules of poker.

As clubs are created for the players from various countries, peak of the players’ activity in them is at the time when those countries enjoy their evenings:

  • Thai and Philippines clubs – traffic peak at 17:00-19:00 MSK, stakes $0,30 to $60;
  • Clubs from India –  traffic peak at 18:30-20:30 MSK, stakes $0,70 to $15;
  • American PPPoker clubs – traffic peak at 04:00-06:00 MSK, stakes $0,20 to $20.

During the time indicated here, the density of fish at the tables is maximal. Different kinds of poker and proportions between them differ if we compare it with classic poker rooms. Hold’em, Omaha and OFC are presented in similar proportions. Several clubs from India have zero tables on NLH, just PLO/OFC players.

Such a variety is applicable to tables format as well. One is able to play at 6-max and 8-max Holdem tables as well as HU tables. PLO is presented with short and heads-up tables.