Best Poker Rooms without HUD

Most poker rooms began to think about poker ecology a few years ago. They tried to protect fish players from regulars in a variety of ways, for example: splitting game pools, cutting down rakeback and VIP programs and even banning the most winning players. But the most popular tool is the prohibition of poker trackers and HUDs. However, even such a restriction can have its advantages. If a regular is not ready to play without HUDs, then he artificially limits the number of rooms available to him. But a fish has no such problems. Whether HUDs are allowed or not – there is basically no difference for recreational players. They simply play where they have fun. In this way, poker rooms, in which HUDs are prohibited, can provide a good amount of profit due to weaker fields. And today we want to tell you about the best poker rooms without HUDs in 2019.


Regulars might remember this room as the skin of the Ongame network. Today, BestPoker is the European skin of the popular Asian network – Good Game Network, which prohibits the use of any third-party software. In October 2018, the network added a built-in HUD, where you can see the following information: the difference between the actual results and the EV results, the winrate during the session, the results against a particular opponent and three biggest pots played against him. Of course, this cannot be compared with traditional HUDs in PokerTracker or Holdem Manager, but even this kind of info is better than nothing.

The best action can be found from 4PM to 9PM Moscow time. At this time, there are lots of fish players from Asia, some of which are barely familiar with the rules. At micro stakes (NL10, NL25) there are more than 50 tables in total. At low stakes (NL50, NL100, NL200) the action is less intense – there are up to 10 tables of each limit. At NL400 and NL1000 you will rarely find more than 5 tables per limit. Omaha is played at stakes from PLO10 to PLO1000. On average, there are about 5 tables of each limit. Push-fold tables with the buy-in of 8BB are represented by 7 limits from NL25 to NL1000. Each of them has around 5 active tables.

Thanks to the new «Fish Buffet» loyalty system, your rakeback at BestPoker can be from 10 to 100%. For further details – feel free to contact our managers.

RedStar Poker

Since 2019, all poker rooms within the Microgaming network (including RedStar Poker) have switched to the new Prima client, which does not support poker HUDs, and also has the following features that limit the ability to accumulate stats on your villains:

– the presence of anonymous tables, which account for approximately 30% of the total traffic;

– the possibility of changing the nickname one time per month or after 1 000 raked hands;

– random seating at cash tables.

Almost all traffic is focused at 6-max tables. At micro stakes (NL2, NL4, NL10) you can find about 30 tables per limit. At low stakes (NL20, NL50) there are usually up to 20 active tables. At NL100 – up to 10 tables. At NL200 and NL400 – up to 5 tables per limit. Omaha is played at stakes from PLO2 to PLO50 inclusive. For example, at PLO20, on average, there are about 20 tables. At PLO50 – around 5 tables. Fast poker is not very popular – the regular action can be found only at NL2.

If you play at RedStar with the PokerProDeals affiliate program, your rakeback can reach 50%.

Unibet Poker

Until 2014, Unibet Poker held leading positions in the Microgaming network, but then it became an independent poker room. Currently, Unibet is one of the most unfriendly poker rooms in relation to regulars. The client was created solely for the entertainment of amateur players and it is not very convenient for an active grinding. Table preview is not available. Table seating is completely random. The interface for note taking is missing. In addition, each player has the opportunity to create up to 5 nicknames and change them at any time.

The peak hours occur in the evening in Europe. At low stakes (from NL25 to NL100) there are usually more than 100 connections at each limit. At mid stakes (NL200 and NL400) – up to 50 connections per limit. Omaha is not as popular as NLHE. At PLO4 there are almost always more than 100 connections. At higher stakes (PLO10, PLO25, PLO50) the number of players usually does not exceed 30. Push-fold tables with the buy-in of 10BB are represented by 3 stakes – NL1, NL5, NL20. Each of them usually has about 10 connections.

With the PokerProDeals deal, your rakeback can be as high as 50%. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Gold Poker Pro

This is a private Israeli poker room in which PokerProDeals provides access. Like any other reservation, Gold Poker Pro does not have high traffic. During the peak hours, the number of connections rarely exceeds 150. The action can be found at stakes from NL50 to NL1000. Omaha is as popular as NLHE and is played at stakes from PLO50 to PLO250. Worth noting, that in cash games the rake is only 3% with a cap of 100 ILS, which is pretty low compared to other reservations.

The client is stable and contains standard features, such as filters in the lobby, waiting lists, etc. Trackers and other third-party software are not supported. Of course, in weaker fields the use of HUDs helps to faster bankrupt weaker players, but the small size of the pool will allow you to remember local ATMs and regulars in just a couple of days.

Gold Poker Pro is great as an additional room where you can find some low and mid stakes PLO/NLHE action in super soft fields. PokerProDeals offers additional benefits for playing at Gold Poker Pro. For further details – feel free to contact our managers.