888poker’s Poker8 software update

Recently, we wrote about Poker8 – the new software platform from 888poker. Since the first launch (more than 3 months ago), the room has released several updates that have fixed bugs and other flaws. Today we will talk about what has been fixed and try to evaluate how new software is suitable for a comfortable grind.

The first version of Poker 8 received a lot of negative reviews from regulars. Players began to actively search the poker forums for various life hacks to continue using the old version of the software. The room could not ignore such feedback and in just a few months most of the flaws in the new software were fixed. Below are the most important ones:

  • Waiting lists for cash tables returned;
  • The size of the fonts and cards for mini-tables has been increased;
  • Bet-slider can now be customized;
  • The time bank window has been enlarged;
  • Trackers and other third-party software like 888caption began to work stably.

Now let’s talk about some features of the software, which were immediately criticized by the regulars, but were not corrected.

  1. When using a 4-color deck the suit of blue color is kind of undistinguishable with the background color of the table (which can’t be changed). At first glance, this problem is easy to fix, but, nevertheless, the room left it without attention. As a solution, players can use two other 4-color decks that do not have such problems.
  2. Small size of color labels on players. A double click on a player’s avatar opens an interface for adding notes, which provides some information about the player (from which country he is, how long he is at the table). 7 different color labels are available. Players complained about the small size of color labels from the first version of the software, but nothing has changed.

Let’s briefly recall other client features that have received positive ratings since the first version of the software.

  • All-in equity display;
  • Highlighting of players who still have cards and a text description of their previous actions (for example, BET or CALL);
  • Chair-like icon with an arrow in the top right corner, which allows you to activate Sit Out Next Hand at one or all tables. If a player has gone Sit Out at any table – a bright red dot will be shown at the top of the icon (above the chair). This is definitely a useful feature for multi-tablers;
  • Built-in hand replayer.


After the first release of Poker 8, many players expressed the opinion that 888poker launched the new software too early, and not enough time was spent on the testing and debugging. However, the room immediately showed a desire to listen to the wishes of the players, and in just a few months most of the flaws were fixed. Of course, the development of Poker 8 doesn’t stop there and in the near future we are waiting for the update of the main lobby of the client. It is worth noting that 888poker is trying to maximize its target audience. On the one hand, there are many features in the new software, aimed mainly at fish players. On the other hand, the room is ready to listen to the regulars, who are primarily interested in the functionality of the client, not beauty. We will continue to monitor the development of Poker 8, which currently inspires great optimism.