Israeli poker rooms

Many regulars have already managed to try and fall in love with private poker rooms with super weak fields. The list of available private poker rooms is constantly changing. Some rooms appear in the list, others, on the contrary, disappear from it.

For example, the popular Turkish network PokerKlas has recently become temporarily unavailable.

PokerProDeals offers rakeback deals at private poker rooms from Italy, India, Latin America and Israel. Today we want to tell you more about two Israeli poker rooms – PurePlay Poker and Gold Poker Pro.

PurePlay Poker

This is a new private poker room with players from Israel and the Middle East. Regulars of cash games in NLHE and PLO should definitely take a closer look at this room.

Traffic overview

At PurePlay Poker the currency is the Israeli new shekel (ILS). 1 ILS = 0.28 USD.The following limits are available for 6-max NLHE – 1/2, 2/4, 5/10, 10/20.ь HU-tables are available only at 10/20 limit.

PLO is very popular, which is reflected in a wide variety of limits: 1/2, 2/4, 5/10, 10/20, 15/30, 20/40, 30/60, 50/100. All games run in a 6-max format. The most expensive limit is 50/100 ILS, which roughly corresponds to 15/30 USD. The minimum buy-in is 50BB. The maximum buy-in is 200, 250 or 300BB depending on the table and the limit. The peak hours occur in the evening in Israel and neighboring countries (the time zone is the same as in Moscow). The number of connections reaches 100. At this time there are usually up to 10 active tables.

There is no traffic in MTT and SNG.

Software and Trackers

The client has versions both for PCs and mobile devices (iOS and Android). There is also a browser-version of the client. The lobby is made in black and red colors and looks pretty stylish. There are settings for customizing the colors of the tables and the betsizing buttons. There is a built-in hand replayer. Trackers and other third-party software are not supported. As in any reservation, access to the cashier is available only via agent.

VPN is not required.

Rake Structure

The rake is 4% with caps up to 400 ILS.


PokerProDeals offers additional benefits for playing at PurePlay Poker. For further details – feel free to contact our managers.


Gold Poker Pro

This is another Israeli poker room in which PokerProDeals provides access. Compared to PurePlay Poker, the traffic at Gold Poker Pro is a bit higher. The most popular tables are 8-max and HU-tables. In cash games, the rake is 3% with a cap of 100 ILS. As for the other features, Gold Poker Pro is very similar to PurePlay Poker (access to the cashier via agent, good PLO action, lack of trackers support, etc.). You can find more info about Gold Poker Pro from our review.


In general, Israeli poker rooms are not much different from other poker reservations. The key feature of these rooms is not the amount of action, but its quality. You simply should not miss such an opportunity.

PurePlay Poker and Gold Poker Pro are great as additional rooms where you can periodically find some action in super soft fields.