BestPoker will move to iPoker from GG Network at the end of June

bestpoker ipoker

Recently became the top MicroGaming room, RedStar Poker, has moved to iPoker and at the end of June another room, BestPoker, which is part of GGNetwork, is going to move to iPoker as well. Network change work has been planned for a long time, but BestPoker was forced to hurry because of quarantine and the prohibition of online poker in Latvia. The company’s management decided to quickly change the platform, concentrating all their work on this task.

When moving to a new network, BestPoker’s management expects to face the following difficulties:

  1. It is necessary to deal with all the processes that operate on the iPoker network and differ from GGNetwork, which will take quite a lot of time. 
  2. The technical field in the back office requires quite much attention.
  3. It is necessary to create bonuses and promotions, which also requires time and labor costs.
  4. The system processes inside the poker room will change. The website has to be changed and adjusted to the new platform. And this is not only the technical part, but also the design and another affiliate system.
  5. The plan should be followed, which is quite difficult in the face of constantly emerging new variables that are simply impossible to foresee. 

After changing the network, BestPoker will be more focused on players from the CIS countries. The website is going to be translated into several languages. So far, management has not disclosed the details of new promotions in the room but assures that the bonuses will definitely be attractive. In addition, users can expect the weaker field that the iPoker network is known for.

The head of BestPoker, Maxim Gorbach, planned to launch a licensed poker room in Belarus. The fact is that in accordance with the new law, all official rooms in Belarus have to get a license before April 2021. However, this event, scheduled for August, will be postponed until the end of the year due to BestPoker’s network change.

Due to the fact that BestPoker and RedStar join iPoker almost simultaneously, this network should reach a whole new level. Undoubtedly, the appearance of such rooms in the network will positively affect the attendance.

Best Poker players don’t need to take any action to transfer or withdraw money from their accounts. All money and accounts will be automatically transferred to a new client. All players have to do is to download and install a new application in which they can sign in using their old data. All existing and new BestPoker players, will be able to take advantage of the first deposit bonus after switching to iPoker.