New Microgaming poker network software

On July, 26th all the websites of Microgaming software allowed their users to download and install the new poker client called “Prima”. It will work alongside the old one till the end of the year.

As the developers claim, they were aiming for the following while creating the new client:

  • availability for multiple platforms – instead of six versions for different OS, “Prima” supports any devices;
  • minimalist – the client was deprived  all the functions and options that weren’t used by the players, and the access to different games was maximally improved;
  • feedback adjustments – all the wishes of the players on clients operating will be included in it

How were all these goals realized in practice?

What are the new features available in the new poker client of Microgaming network?

  • The main lobby that is open each time when the client is launch is fast games access lobby now. It is a series of panels with symbols of certain games (Fish PArty, Hold’em or Omaha cash tables, tournaments and casino games). If you click on the panel, you start to play or enter the lobby you need if it is MTT;
  • Fast access lobby has a horizontal menu with the following points: Fish Party, Blaze,  Holdem, Omaha, Casino;
  • Holdem and Omaha sections have three options: cash games, Sng, tournaments and three windows with the filters that include tables type, table size, real money and play money tables;
  • Cash games in the lobby are grouped on stakes and players are seated there randomly;
  • Tournament lobby right to the list of tournaments has the info about the highlighted MTT at the moment. It has three sections: description, structure, players;
  • The animation of the poker tables is now more bright and colorful. There are new action buttons and bet size selection indicators. The right top corner has 4 buttons (right to left): purchase the chips, enter hand history) any hand may now be saved as a GIF, deposit, pop-up menu with 7 points (you can auto place tables and change the background here);
  • Right top part of the client has the pop-up menu with 13 points. Here is all the info on the player and the client, transactions, support service. The main new feature is “Player’s history: – that has net profit info in a certain time period on all kinds of poker – one is able to see the profit during the profit at certain tables and tournaments even.
  • after each time the client is closed, one is able to send the text message with wishes on its operating improvements.

What was gone from the client?

  • There is no more division on common and anonymous tables;
  • Some kinds of tables and new options for deck animation;
  • The lobby of the tournaments in a new window;
  • availability to have a look and choose the cash table;
  • new tournament lobby and opportunity to have a look at the completed tournaments and tables that don’t have you enrolled
  • chat at the tables
  • all the other kinds of poker different to Hold’em and Omaha;

What has remained untouched in the new Microgaming network  poker rooms?

  • Fish Party tournaments lobby;
  • Fat poker –  Blaze lobby.


We understand that “Prima” client is just several days after the release, and as they say at Microgaming, new adjustments are coming, but we can conclude some things about it. “Prima” has become the realization of the network aims for amateur players. Now it is more inclined to lottery Fish Party and cash tables. There are more casino games in the lobby now. One is not able to select the table and trackers support is done so it is hard to play against a certain opponent now. Small fonts at the tables for reflection of bet sizes, pots and nicknames of the players will make multi-tablers’ life more difficult. All we are left with is the opportunity to see the impact of the new lobby for the network and its tables.