Playing at Micro Stakes: Best Poker Rooms

Tables for small stakes (microstakes up to NL50) make most of the traffic of all the poker rooms. It won’t be too hard for you to play in them. Here is the list of the things you won’t be able to get everywhere:

  • the best rakeback deal (due to high rake at these stakes it is especially important);
  • the required number of tables for you at the most convenient time;
  • weak opponents at the stakes you play;
  • safe transactions and a good service.

We’ve made a selection of six poker room for you to choose the most suitable for you to play at micro stakes.


Party is among the leading poker room in the worlds. Standard rake size with clear-cut rakeback system of 20% to 40% money back allows comforty play at micro stakes. PokerProDeals players get additional advantages in more payouts. While wagering the first deposit bonus (100% up to $500), you might have  the rakeback of up to 80%.

Two of the biggest disadvantages of playing cash games at Partypoker are relatively strong field starting at NL10 and the limited trackers at the regular tables (as the opponents are anonymous and stats are only available for the current session at the table).

In addition to the big PartyPoker rakeback, this poker rooms offers the widest choice of playing at micro stakes. According to our data, on evening during work days from 18:00 to 24:00 (in the middle of August), the average number of tables is the following:

  • NL2-5  – 50-70;
  • NL10 – 20-25;
  • NL25  – 15-25;
  • NL50 – 15-20.


  • PLO2-5 – 15-20;
  • PLO10 – 15-20;
  • PLO25 – 20-25;
  • PLO50 – 15-20.

Fast Poker (number of players):

  • NL5  – 110-170;
  • NL10 – 95-115;
  • NL25  – 120-145;
  • NL50 – 100-110.

Up to NL25 included  one is able to play at 9-max tables in partypoker, there are up to 10 of them at each of the stakes.

You can always sit at 6-max tables – choosing the one of Casual tables (С) that disallow multi-tabling. Amateurs usually play at these tables.


This poker rooms with US players, just like Party, is able to provide you with the nice rake back of 10% to 40% on loyalty system, and players at NL25 to NL50 are able to compete for the daily payouts in the weekly race.

In comparison with partypoker where one has to make just $100 to receive 20% rakeback, PokerKing provides all the players with minimal rakeback of 10%, but in order to increase the numbers to 20%, the rake generated has to be several times bigger than in Party. So we may conclude that  rakeback for NL10 regulars is better at partypoker, and for NL25-50 players – at PokerKing.

PokerKing has peak of the traffic at nights. The size of it is available in this article (  So how many tables at micro stakes are available here at European Prime time?

  • NL2-5 – 17-26;
  • NL10 –  8-12;
  • NL25 – 6-12;
  • NL50 – 3-6.


  • PLO2-5 – 3-6;
  • PLO10 – 3-5;
  • PLO25 – 3-10;*
  • PLO50 – 3-6.

* – at midnight, half of these 10 tables were cap-tables of Omaha Hi-Lo, but the chances are we witnessed a one-time tables number boost.


Tigergaming is the main poker room of Chico poker network. The field here is much weaker than in PokerKing, but the percentage of the rakeback in this poker room is lower. Players affiliated by our web site have the best condition on rakeback in comparison with other Tigergaming users. Peak traffic in it is on late night and in the morning. When there are evenings in Europe in Tigergaming lobby there are so many tables at micro stakes:

  • NL10 –  7-9;
  • NL25 – 6-9;
  • NL50 – 5-9.

There is total number of 10 9-max tables at these three tables for the whole night. NL10 has Boost fas poker, but the number of connections is just around 30.


  • PLO10 – 5-6;
  • PLO25 – 2-3;
  • PLO50 2-3.

Winner Poker

The leading poker room of IPoker network offers their players excellent terms on rakeback up to 70%. Players at the tables are weaker than in first two poker rooms of the review.

Winner Poker is the only room of described with fast poker at two stakes:

  • NL5 – 30-50 connections;
  • NL20 – 45-75 connections.

Short tables on hold’em get the following numbers:

  • NL2-4  – 15-21;
  • NL10 – 9-14 ;
  • NL20 – 4-9;
  • NL50 – 5-11.

Most of PLO tables in Winner Poker are gathered after 9 PM of total number of 10 tables at stakes PLO10-50.

RedStar Poker

RedStar Poker is the only poker room of Microgaming network for Russian-speaking players. It has high rakeback percentage – up to 50% regardless of the stakes you play at and the lowest rake caps of all the rooms described here.

30-40% of all 6-max tables on Hold’em in RedStar Poker are anonymous. Total play at micro stakes in the evenings is the following:

  • NL2-4  – 18-37;
  • NL10 – 17-29;*
  • NL20 – 4-16;
  • NL50 – 3-11.

* – big number of tables at NL10 in 18:00-21:00 is caused with the promo of task that has to be completed at this stakes.

NL50 had the biggest decrease of the number of tables close to the midnight.


  • PLO2-4 – 6-9;
  • PLO10 – 3-7;
  • PLO20 – 3-6;
  • PLO50 – 2-5.

Red Argentina de Poker

LATPoker is one of the poker rooms of South American poker network  Red Argentina de Poker. Its main distinctions from the other poker rooms in this article is that it has a high level of the rakeback (fixed payments from our website and a regular rake race) and a very weak field. In addition to that all the traffic in LATPoker, peak of the traffic here is in the morning European time.

The number of tables during European prime time (18:00 to 24:00):

  • up to NL6 – 9- 17;
  • NL12-60 – 3-7;
  • up to PLO5 –  4-5;
  • PLO12-50 – 3-4;

The number of tables during South African prime time (04:00 – 06:00):

  • up to NL6 – 19-25;
  • NL12-60 – 10-14;
  • up to PLO5 – 6-7;
  • PLO12-50 – 1-2.