Where to Play at Mid Stakes Poker?

In August, we’ve told you about the poker rooms that are perfect for the micro stakes play. Today we will present the review of the top poker rooms with play at mid stakes (NL100 and higher). These stakes have many regular players, so the best possible rakeback deal is important for compensating possible downstreaks.


This poker room is one of the best options to play at NL100 and higher. You are eligible for excellent rakeback of up to 40% (and additional bonuses from PokerProDeals) and has a nice selection of 6-max tables.

During peak hours, there are so many tables:

  • NL100 – 10-12;
  • NL200 – 12-15;
  • NL500 – 6-7;
  • NL1K – up to 5.

Also, some Hold’em action is present at fast poker tables at NL100 (up to 80-90 connections) and some 9-max tables at NL100-200.

Omaha at stakes of PLO 100-500 has 5-6 tables at each stakes limits.

Sometimes there are tables up to NL5K and PLO5K.

In addition to PartyPoker, PokerProDeals offers middle and high stakes play in two more poker rooms that belong to European networks and have traffic peak in evenings.

Winner Poker

The leading poker room of IPoker network offers up to 70% rakeback to their players. During the peak time in the lobby, you are free to see the following number of tables:

  • NL100 – up to 10;
  • NL200 – 12-13;
  • NL400 – about 5;
  • NL600 – 3-4;
  • NL1K – 3-4.

Omaha has the action at PLO100 (up to 8 tables) and has 2-3 tables at the higher stakes from time to time.

RedStar Poker

Microgaming client has switched to a new client that doesn’t support HUD, and that should be a positive moment for the number of amateurs at RedStar Poker tables. You can also receive 50% rakeback in this poker room at our website.

NL100-200 in this room have 6-8 tables each. The stakes higher have just 1-2 tables (NL400-NL1K) at each of the stakes limits.

For the players who like to play late, mid stakes session at some other rooms work better.


This American poker room allows you getting up to 70% rakeback. Play at stakes of NL100 and more is at its peak late at night and in early morning European time. Unlike all the above-mentioned poker rooms, most of the action here takes place at full-ring tables.

Approximate traffic size in PokerKing at 6-max tables in Hold’em:

  • NL100 – 12-14;
  • NL200 – 7-9;
  • NL400-600 – 4-6;
  • NL1K -2-3


  • NL100 – 11-13;
  • NL200 – 5-6;
  • NL400-600 – 5-6.


  • PLO100 – 6-7;
  • PLO200 – 5-6;
  • PLO400-1K – up to 7.


The flagship poker room of Chico network has the weakest mid stakes public among the above presented. Our website will provide you with 60% rakeback in it.

Early in the morning European time, TigerGaming has the following number of short tables:

  • NL100 – 8-10;
  • NL200 – 7-9;
  • NL500 – 5-6;
  • NL1K – up to 5.

9-max tables are presented in the similar fashion with 6-max ones, but the only stakes available are NL100-200.

Omaha has the most popular stakes at PLO200 and PLO500, the total number of tables is around ten. There may be a couple of tables at PLO1K-PLO1,6K.