Why you should start playing on PartyPoker right now?

In the last 2 years PartyPoker has become a main hope of the regular poker players, who are still dreaming about a good-old-fashioned online-poker (with an opportunity to get a reasonable rakeback deal, a transparent bonus system without any kind of random factor and a straightforward rake distribution and standard-sized comissions.

Nowadays PartyPoker is the biggest poker-room, which meets the needs of the regular players the best and in this short article we want to tell you the exact reasons why you should definetely start playing on PartyPoker.


Since 2017 Party Poker has been running a new loyalty-system. Players receive weekly payments just by clicking a button in the poker-client:

  • from $25 to $149 rake – up to 20% rakeback;
  • from $150 to $599 rake – up to 25% rakeback;
  • from $600 to $1199 rake – 30% rakeback;
  • from $1200 rake – 40% rakeback;

There is also a first-deposit bonus (100% up to $500 with 3 month duration), which can give an extra 12,5% rakeback.

We also wanna stress out, that PokerProDeals players can get an additional rakeback on PartyPoker, which will be processed to a suitable payment system for them.

Rake considerations

We can confidently say, that PartyPoker has ignored all modern online-poker tendencies about rake collecting. PartyPoker has decided not to increase the rake and not to implement any kind of speacial rake distribution system. PartyPoker collects a standard 5% rake on every cash-game table and uses a good-old weighted-contributed system of the rake collection. A player gets charged for rake according to his share in the pot.

Here are some cap’s examples:

  • $1 at NL10 regardless of the amount of players at the table;
  • from $1 to $3 on a higher limits with different amount of players at the table.


The key factor for a good grind is the presence of sufficient amount of tables running.Compared to other poker-rooms, Party Poker has an undeniable advantages. For the last 2 years Party Poker has become the only poker-room, which has managed not just to keep the average amount of cash-players, but to increase it for more than 10%.

Nowadays, only PokerStars has more games running than Party Poker. Let’s explore, what PartyPoker can offer during a summer low-season evening hours.

6-max NLH tables:

  • NL10 – around 25 tables;
  • NL25 – up to 20 tables;
  • NL50 – more than 10 tables;
  • NL100 – around 10 tables;
  • NL200-NL500 – up to 10 tables for both limits together.

6-max PLO tables:

  • PLO25-PLO50 – around 10 tables for each limit;
  • PLO100-PLO1K – up to 5-6 tables for each limit.

PartyPoker is one of a few poker-rooms which has 5 limits of the fast-poker (FastForward). Here are some numbers, which can be a good representation of the amount of FastForward game-entries during evening prime-time:

  • NL5 – more than 100 entries;
  • NL10 – 65-70 entries;
  • NL25 – 80-90 entries;
  • NL50 – 70-80 entries;
  • NL100 – 60-70 entries;


This is a new format of lottery Sit-n-goes, which in the last couple of years has become a major playground for all players, who are really into SnG format. PartyPoker is currently the best place for grinding spins (by the way, on PartyPoker they’re called Sit and Go Hero):

  • A pretty-good PartyPoker rakeback;
  • PartyPoker offers 10 different limits of Spins;
  • starting from $50 limit the rake is only 5%, which in conjunction with a 40% rakeback makes these tournaments the most profitable in online-poker;
  • two the highest limits ($250 and $500) have only 4% rake.

If you want to register and start playing on PartyPoker, contact the affiliate-manager right now: