PartyPoker provides with new SnG Jackpot stakes of $250 and $500

PartyPoker have recently made another step toward competitous fight for the lead in the modern online poker. It is connected with local Spins analogue – SnG Jackpot.

Party have embraced one of their best new poker formats – lottery SnG tournaments with Jackpot in spring 2016. The poker room have decided to be creative and Sit & Go HERO, new to the lobby, weren’t like any similar tournaments in different rooms. They had 4-max format and one of the player at the table was randomly selected for the bounty.

Such an approach from PartyPoker wasn’t really supported by the players. Sit & Go HERO didn’t gain too much popularity. Currently they are only available at three stakes with maximal buy-in of twenty dollars.

Part have reacted fast to the absence of interest of the players to 4-max tournaments and in less that a year new tournaments were added to the poker client – SnG Jackpot in a classic format for this type of tournaments – 3-max.

In a rather fast time the line of stakes of SnG Jackpot grew to eight stakes from 25 cents to $100. Now PartyPoker have become the second poker room in history with more expensive pins stakes of $250 and $500.

MAximal multipliers are х4,800 and х2,400, so the biggest possible win is the same as for the stakes of $100 – one mo;;opm twenty thousand dollars. There is a curious probability distribution of other multipliers:

  • 2х – 68,7238% and 68,6038%;
  • 4х – 22,6631% and 22,7831%

This is 0.5% less that at stakes of $100. This half of a percent was added to x10 multiplier, so the probability of its appearance grew up twice in comparison with stakes of $100.

The biggest news for SnG Jackpot of $250 a d $500 is rake of mere 4%. This is the lowest sum for all such tournaments in all the rooms. We can see that such rake with an opportunity to receive up to 40% rakeback is able to attract to these stakes some regulars from high stakes spins from the other poker rooms. Firstly, the traffic is expected from PokerStars where the same stakes have 5% rake a d rakeback is almost non-existent with several percent.

Will new stakes attract amateurs – it remains to be seen. As well as the other question – will SNG Jackpot $250 and $500 have enough traffic and are the regulars comfortable with such a huge number of players of the same class at the tables of these stakes?i

We can say without a doubt that after embracing a rather expensive cash game, these high stakes spins will bring new benefits to PartyPoker. We are left to see more active actions from the room on attracting to tabes not just regulars, but also amateurs.