Affiliate is a person or organization that attracts visitors to the poker room site. For each player who has made a deposit, or fulfilled another stipulated condition, this intermediary receives a reward. The player himself, who went to the room using an affiliate link, also has certain advantages. So, he can receive increased rakeback, profitable bonuses, participate in special tournaments and cash races.

It is most beneficial to sign up in a poker room with the help of a large affiliate, which can offer the most bonuses and benefits. Well-known affiliate sites, including PokerProDeals, provide information, technical and financial support to their players. We recommend that you use the services of only reliable affiliates if you want to be guaranteed to receive all the promised benefits. Young sites periodically appear on the Internet that offer the highest rakeback, unrealistically profitable promotions and bonuses. In most cases, such affiliates do not fulfill their promises, quickly disappear, and the player continues to play in the room without any privileges.

Affiliate Features

Poker affiliates cooperate with many poker rooms on mutually beneficial conditions. The rooms receive an influx of visitors, which means they increase their profits. They are ready to share with the affiliate part of this profit in the form of a one-time fee, or a lifetime deduction of interest from rake. Different poker rooms offer different settlement schemes.

There are a lot of ways to attract players to the rooms – starting from the email distribution and ending with the placement of affiliate links on poker forums. However, the most popular and effective way is using specialized sites. Visited sites with a history, a large amount of content, employee contacts and reviews inspire confidence. Therefore, poker fans often resort to the services of such sites.

Some novice players mistakenly believe, that by signing up using an affiliate link in the room, they will lose some of the money, because affiliate picks up rakeback percentage. However, everything happens exactly the opposite – the player will receive only additional benefits. And the affiliate’s profit is not received from the player, but by reducing the income of the poker room.

Poker affiliates usually work according to one of the following schemes: receiving payment under the CPA system (for performing an action), or monthly payments as a percentage of the rake. The second option will be more profitable in the long run, because the affiliate will be able to receive a commission for the entire time that the involved player plays in the poker room. Affiliate revenue is hard to predict. Indeed, dozens of fishes visiting the room only on weekends will bring much less profit to the affiliate than the regular high-roller, which generates a huge rake every month.

For attracting a player under the CPA system, the affiliate receives a one-time payment. Its size depends on many factors such as the poker room, the place of residence of the poker player, affiliate network, etc. For example, payments for players from the CIS will be lower than for the players from Western Europe, where incomes are much higher, which means more deposits are expected and more often.

What factors to consider when choosing an affiliate

First of all, you should pay attention to the reputation of an affiliate – if he is famous and has not been implicated in major scandals, then you can use his services. Large affiliates value their reputation, so they try to resolve any contentious issues even to the detriment of their interests so as not to lose their high status in the eyes of potential customers.

Get the feedback from experienced players who have been using affiliate services for a long time. Such reviews can be found on specialized sites and poker forums. Undoubtedly, you should not trust the reviews posted on the site of the affiliate itself – with a high degree of probability they will be ordered. Perhaps, you have acquaintances or friends who are already playing in the poker room, take a feedback from them, what affiliate services they have resorted to, and whether they are satisfied with the terms of cooperation or not.

The presence of relevant content on the site. PokerProDeals regularly publishes online poker news. Thanks to these news, our players can regularly be informed about room updates, profitable promotions and bonuses, as well as various changes. In addition, on the site you can study in detail each poker room and understand how profitable it is to play.

The percentage of rakeback is perhaps the most important criterion when choosing an affiliate and a poker room. The greater the share of money back from rake, the more profitable the game becomes. Players who use our services can expect to receive up to 70% rakeback, depending on the poker room chosen. For more accurate percentage and rakeback conditions contact our managers.

The ability to access poker reservations and private clubs is another advantage of working with affiliates. PokerProDeals allows you to register in the rooms with the weakest opponents. These are Asian, American, European recreational players who live in reservations and clubs. The player himself cannot sign up there, but with the help of our agent you will get an access to the weakest poker fields.

Contact PokerProDeals managers for more information on all the benefits you can expect by working with us.

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