Online poker is very developed today in all parts of the world. Thanks to this, each player can choose for himself a poker room that suits his requirements best. One of the factors for choosing poker rooms is the peak time. For many poker players it is more convenient to play in the evening, when they come from work or study, and they still have time before going to bed. However, there are also people who, for various reasons, prefer to play during the day. This article will be interesting for such players.

Who is more convenient to play during the day

Daytime is a great game for those for whom poker has become the main source of income, and who don’t need to go to work or study. The advantage of playing poker is the fact that everyone has the right to choose the most convenient time for himself. However, for more productive sessions, you should choose a certain time period, and not deviate from it. In this case, the poker player adheres to an accurate schedule, which eliminates overwork and tilt. Therefore, regulars choose poker rooms, the peak attendance of which coincides with their game schedule.

Those people who, for example, work shifts at night or in the evening, can play during the day. Vacation is also a great time to find poker rooms with maximum daily traffic. This article will cover the most popular poker rooms that offer high daytime traffic. We will also analyze other advantages of the presented rooms.

Poker rooms with daily traffic

In the afternoon hours CET time, most of the games offered by such rooms as 888Poker, PartyPoker and PokerOK from the GG Network. Party Poker and 888poker are leading in terms of cash traffic, so in these rooms attendance is at a high level almost around the clock. PokerOK is not only the best GG network room for players from the CIS countries, but also the most visited in the daytime. Although there is a little game at micro-limits in this room, at average limits, in the range from NL10 to NL100, 10-20 tables for each limit are gathered here in the afternoon.

As for 888Poker, in the period from 9:00 to 18:00 CET time traffic is evenly distributed across all limits. So, 10 tables are collected at each of the following limits: NK2, NL5, NL50, NL100 and only at the limits NL20 and NL30 15-20 tables are collected. At PartyPoker, there is about the same picture. It is noteworthy that in all the rooms reviewed, attendance increases from morning to evening gradually. So, if at 9:00 on the NL10 limit in PartyPoker the game is played at 4-6 tables, then by 15:00 CET time up to 20 tables are collected at this limit. Thus, in the range of the considered time period, traffic increases by 4 times.

The Italian reservation, in comparison with the international poker room, has an even weaker field, consisting of Italian fans. Game in the room is present during the day, but peak attendance is in the evening. Most tables are collected at limits up to NL100. The MTT net is also quite developed; tournaments with guarantees of up to 5.000 euros are held here regularly. Depending on the discipline and the limit, the rake of the room is 2.5-5.5%. is one of the most popular networks in Italy. Thanks to the presence of online casinos, large flows of already weak Italian players are sent to the poker rooms of the network. At peak times, around 1.500 players are gathered at tables. Most of the game can be observed at the tables NL20 – NL100 (10 tables each), but at the limits above (up to the NL1000) you can also find the game. An advantage for regulars is the fact that the network’s rooms support the work of poker trackers.

GGPoker attracts a large number of visitors from Asian countries, so peak traffic here is observed in later hours – at about 19.00. The maximum number of connections can exceed 10.000. The most popular are 6-max cash tables in the range of limits from NL10 to NL1000. There are fast poker and push-fold 4-max tables with limits starting from NL25 as well. This room has a weak field, convenient software, high attendance and good rakeback – up to 50%.

Another room with weak opponents is 888Poker, which, unlike its Asian rival, cannot boast a high rakeback. However, in this room the use of software for collecting statistics is allowed, which will be the decisive criterion when choosing a poker room for many regulars. After all, you can get an even greater advantage over weak opponents using HUDs, which fully compensates the lack of rakeback.

PartyPoker has game in the daytime in a wide range of limits – from NL2 to NL5000, as well as at similar limits with the rules of the limit Omaha. The room has fast poker, SnG and MTT tournaments. Room poker trackers are not supported, but due to low rake, high rakeback and weak field, PartyPoker is one of the most profitable poker rooms.

By contacting PokerProDeals managers, you will learn how to access game against very weak players in the Israeli Gold Poker Pro poker room. This room became the main one in Israel after Poker Stars left this country in 2016. Although peak attendance at Gold Poker Pro falls during the daytime and evening hours, it is noteworthy that there is almost no game here on weekends. This is due to the confessional characteristics of local players. The low level of the opponents’ game, a small rake (4%), relatively high traffic and a good percentage of rakeback make the game at Gold Poker Pro very profitable.

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Good Action
One of the most reliable, large and famous rooms on the market. There is a bonus for the first deposit and good traffic at all limits.
Network: Independent
Rakeback: 10%
  • All the kinds of poker presented
  • Lots of action at all stakes
  • Good sng and mtt traffic
  • Comfortable software
  • Good bonuses for new players
  • Very slow support
  • No HU Tables
Fish Players Italian Reservation
Italian reservation of one of the largest rooms – 888poker. Very weak field, consisting only of amateur Italians.
Network: Indipendent
Rakeback: Up to 10%
  • All the kinds of poker presented
  • Weak level of play
  • Comfortable software
  • VPN needed
  • Small traffic
  • Low Rakeback
Good Traffic HU Tables
Private Italian network of ten skins. It is on the third place in the country on the size of traffic. Play at middle and high stakes in 6-max.
Network: iPoker Italy
Rakeback: Ask Manager
  • Weak fields at all the tables
  • Trackers compatibility without converters
  • Weighted contributed (WC) rake system
  • comfortable software of iPoker network
  • cashier via agent
  • VPN needed
Good Rakeback Fish Players
Flagship room at GG Network. Good traffic and very weak fields
Network: GG Network
Rakeback: over 50%
  • Recreational players from Asian countries
  • Very weak fields at all the stakes
  • Push or Fold tables
  • Direct cashier
  • Poker software is prohibited
  • No heads-up tables
Good Action Extra Rakeback
All the kinds of poker presented, lots of action at all stakes, fast cash outs, comfortable software, anonymous tables with amateurs.
Network: Bwin.Party
Rakeback: Up to 60%
  • No Russian regular grinders and bots
  • All the kinds of poker presented
  • Lots of action at all stakes
  • Fast cashouts
  • Comfortable software
  • Anonymous tables with amateurs
  • Equal low rake at all stakes
  • Trackers not allowed