New loyalty system in GG Network – Fish Buffet

On November 1st almost all the rooms of Good Game network (Natural8, BetKings Poker, BestPoker, AllInAsia) applied the new loyalty system. Instead of fixed rakeback of 35% a new system called Fish Buffet was implemented.
Fish Buffet is a VIP program based on cashback with whole range of new never-before-seen specialties in the world of online poker.

How does Fish Buffet operate?

1) Firstly, you have to sight up for it by clicking the button opt-in in the right top corner of the client.

2) After the moment you will start playing for real money, the process of accumulating special points -Fish Buffet Points (FP) – begins; the points are accounted as 1FP for 1 cent of rake.

3) Since that very moment meter of Fish Buffet levels begins to operate (the progress can be tracked in the section account bonuses at Fish Buffet, or by clicking the icon of the system next to the area opt-in button was situated).

4) There are 25 total levels and 8 statuses (Plankton, Shrimp, Goldfish, Crab, Octopus, Whale, Shark and VIP) at Fish Buffet. The first two and the last statuses have only 1 level. GoldFish and Crab have three levels each (bronze, silver, gold). Octopus, Whale, Shark have five levels each (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond).

5) You have a certain period to reach every level – from 1 day to 3 months. After the player reaches the level, he gets an opportunity to make a spin at a special reel spin (poker account – bonuses – Fish Buffet). The reel is divided into sectors with bonuses of different sizes. First two levels have four of them, the others – six. The bonus on the reel goes straight for the account. Player is able to enter the new level.

6) Should the player fail to accumulate the required number of FP (500 to 300.000), counting will be annulled and you will start from the scratch.

7) Reel bonuses provide you with 10 to 100% cashback. Its maximal size depends on the level you reach: ащк 24-hour levels – 40%, 72-hour ones – 50%, 7-days bonuses have rakeback of 60%, while 15-days ones of 80% and 90-day bonuses have rakeback of 100%.
What is the probability of bonus at Fish Buffet reel?

Fish Buffet has announced cash back of 15% to 50%. This indirectly tells us that reel bonuses probability is quite random and doesn’t effect its size. The representatives of the room give us controversial information. Looks like we’ll be able to get a clear view on it in a few months when the players will count the probabilities.
The answer to this question is the most important for the regulars of GG network. If the probability of bonuses will depend on its size, this might lead to the situation when cashback on the distance will be at its minimum of 10%.
If the probability of bonuses will be equal for all sizes, Fish Buffet innovation may provide with increased percentage of rakeback for grinding players. This increase will be only notable in the long run as bonuses are random.

In general, we can say that Fish Buffet is hobby player-oriented system to support their activity in the room starting from the first days of play.
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