Alternatives to Pokerstars

On July, 6th new PokerStars VIP system came in force with its main specialty of practically full refusal of rakeback as a part of it. We can’t say that it is something new on the poker market as 888 Poker implied the similar system over a year ago. However PokerStars is the place where vast majority of poker regulars are concentrated and rakeback used to be an important part of their profit. Only rakeback was the factor that made play at high stakes with strong competition advantageous. No wonder maximum of mere several percent on new loyalty system sentenced the opportunity of these players to earn money playing poker to death. That’s why they are actively searching for PokerStars replacement.

With the help of this article we would like to offer you some alternatives to PokerStars play. PokerProDeals offers deals in more than 30 poker rooms, including the ones with good rakeback percentage and traffic top lists leaders for years.

Players who are looking for PokerStars replacement but aren’t ready to play in the most “exclusive” poker rooms may choose from the following poker rooms and networks:

  • PokerKing (Winning network)
  • IPoker network
  • PartyPoker (Party.Bwin network)
  • Microgaming network

They are given in such an order as in addition to rakeback and traffic size, the important part of their work in poker tracker support and software comfort for the users who are regular poker players.

PokerKing is the representative of American network Winning (WPN).  The network is in TOP-10 in traffic size.


  • Lots of weak American players
  • Big and various traffic, in addition to a huge number of 6-max Holdem tables (up to NL1.000 included), there is action at CAP tables, in Omaha, HU, 9-max Hold’em tables, SnG tournaments up to $30, including lottery ones(jackpot poker and SnG 2.0) with buy-ins up to $100.
  • Standard rake of 5% in cash games with average size of $3, low rake in HU cash (caps of $0,5 to $1,5) and in HU SnGs from 2 to 4,5%, 6% for jackpot SnGs and 5-9% in common turbo and hyper turbo SnGs.
  • Royal Club – loyalty system with points exchange for cash with 10 to 40% of rakeback. You have to reach Royal status to get maximal rakeback ($3.333 in rake per month to reach it, $1666 to confirm it the following month).
  • Weekly rake races King’s Treasures (for cash players) and SNG Treasures (for SNG players) which give 20-30% rakeback.
  • Friendly support, including via chat in the client.
  • The client supports trackers and other software without any restrictions, there are waiting lists and opportunities to see what players are at the tables in the lobby.


  • Maximal weak American traffic is in late night or early morning CET from 1-2 AM to 6-7 AM.
  • Second and succeeding cash outs within the month have 5% fee.
  • No fast poker
  • High offered rakeback up to 70% attract big numbers of regulars especially in European prime at stakes of NL25 and higher, on the other side, PokerStars regulars though can’t be surprised with big number of  regulars at the tables considering the rakeback.

IPoker Network (Coral PokerWinner Poker) – is one of the oldest and most famous European Poker networks. The network is in TOP-10 in traffic size.


  • Many weak European players as the network has many poker rooms, which are the part of weak gambling sportsbooks and casinos, weak players are stimulated with rake contribution system.
  • Traffic peak is in the evening CET (later than in other European poker rooms and networks) and most of its part is in 6-max Hold’em tables up to NL1.000, the only place with Holdem 6+ action, speed poker with stakes up to NL100 (the most popular one is NL20).
  • High rakeback percentage up to 70% on our deal
  • Poker client supports trackers.


  • High rake due to cap of above average size and special contribution system (SBR) where winning players pay more tan half of the rake, on the other hand this creates good condition for about-zero and weakly losing grinders. High rake in lottery SnGs (Twister).
  • HUD only for one table in fast poker, no waiting lists.
  • The network doesn’t accept players from  certain countries

PartyPoker is one of the oldest and most famous poker room that used to be the leader of the industry before PokerStars. There are active changes in it and its rep improves. The room is In TOP-5 in traffic.


  • Peak if the traffic is in evening CET, weak field is cultivated by the poker room for several more years.
  • The biggest traffic size of the offered poker rooms and networks. There is play at 6-max tables at Holdem, there is play at stakes up to NL5,000 , at stakes NL250NL200 there are 10 to 25 tables at all stakes, Fast Forward have the biggest stakes at NL500 with main part of traffic at NL10-NL100, there are lottery SnG Hero with buy-ins up to $100.
  • Standard rake of 5% in cash games with middle cap sizes, low rake in SnG Hero of mere 5%
  • Rakeback of 40% if you make $1,200 or more per month and 50% if you make $100K in rake per year, the possible rakeback percentage on our deal is 55-65%.
  • Special “Casual Cash Games” with smiles in lobby for those amateurs who don’t like multi tabling.


  • All regular cash tables are anonymous and stats is only displayed in the current session, full-scale HUD is only available in fast poker.

Microgaming Network (RedStar PokerPokerLocoBetsafe Poker, NordicBet Poker, Betsson Poker) – famous European poker network, TOP-15 in traffic


  • Many weak players from Nother European countries, peak of the traffic begins earlier than in other European rooms and networks.
  • Almost all the traffic of the network is in 6-max Hold’em tables – there are 10 to 20 tables at stakes NL20-NL100, there is some action up to NL1.000. Third part of all the tables are anonymous, lottery SnG Fish Party have a progressive jackpot up and buy-ins up to 50 euros.
  • The lowest rake size in cash games of all the above mentioned rooms and networks due to small caps. Fish Party have rake of a little more than 5%.
  • Fixed rakeback of 30% to 50% on our web site’s deal.


  • Fast poker only at NL2.
  • Stats at cash games are available only for hands you’ve taken part it.
  • No waiting lists, all the table in the lobby are anonymous, nicknames can be changes.

Those aren’t the only poker rooms and networks offered by our web sites. If you’re ready to play at lesser known poker markets with high rakeback level, contact us and we will provide you with the deal in Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern poker room or reservation.