PokerOK Specials in February 2020

The coming of February 2020 brought new special offers updated every month to PokerOK users. One of them is Rush&Cash race with increased prize. Besides, Holdem 6+ and AOF players will be able to take part in promos with the prize funds of ¥1 mln and $300,000 correspondingly. The total prize fund for February specials is nearly $850,000. 

Rush&Cash Weekly Race

Speed poker rake races in PokerOK have been held since October 2019. Compared with January promo, February ones differ only in increased prize fund. It currently comprises $100,000 which is $25,000 more than that of the previous month. Therefore, the prizes have equaled autumn rake race value.

Increase in the prize fund resulted in a number of changes in the distribution of money among race participants with different limits:

  1. NL2$ – the first 250 players of the race get money prizes instead of 150 players of the previous month. However, the minimal award was reduced to 5 dollars, while the prize amount of the first 100 players will remain the same. 
  2. NL10$ – this limit saw the increase of prize positions nearly twice, as compared to January 2020. Instead of the former 40 positions, it now comprises 150 positions that are to be awarded with money. The bottom prize bar was reduced from 50 to 35 dollars. These changes are not going to affect players who took the positions from 12 to 40. As for awards for the first 11 players, the said are going to increase. First and second position awards are to rise by $200. 
  3. NL50$ – the number of prize-winners was increased from 20 to 50 as well. The lowest award is to comprise $35 against $50 in the previous month. The first 11 positions will get more money on this limit as well, as compared to January award. Again, there is an increase by $200 for the first and the second positions.
  4. NL200$ – the number of prize-winning positions was increased from 15 to 30. The minimal award was reduced to $400. On the contrary, the awards for the first 7 positions increased. For example, the first-position winner is to get $1,500 more, and the second-position winner is awarded with a sum of $600 more. 

The purpose of the said changes is reaching out to a larger number of participants as it is much easier to get to the prize zone nowadays. As for the competition for the first positions, it is going to become tougher due to a significant difference between awards given to the top list leaders and players taking up positions after the top 10.  

$300,000 Special Offer for AoF Tables

A February prize fund for push fold tables is to comprise $300,000 which is $100,000 more than that of January special. However, the core principles remain the same. The special will last from February 1 to February 29. For participation, one needs having a minimum of 150 hands played at All-in or Fold tables in a day. Depending on the limit at play, the player is to log in one of the four special AOF Gacha tournaments that are held on the next day. The tournaments’ prize funds are as follows:

  1. $700 for players at $0.25/0.5 and $0.1/0.25 limits;
  2. $2,000 for players at $1/2 and $0.5/0.25 stakes;
  3. $3,200 for $4/8 and $2/4 limits;
  4. $4,500 for players at $5/10 limits. 

The lottery tournament prize zone comprises 100 first positions; however, the prizes are awarded in a random manner, and do not depend on the position taken. Therefore, it may happen that even the winner of this tournament does not get a money award as a result of the raffle.

$140,000 Special in Holdem 6+

In February special, Short Deck Holdem players will get the opportunity to compete for a part of ¥1,000,000 prize fund. In order to take part in this promo, one is to play 100 hands each week of February from which the rake is collected. Please note that you need to try and do it as soon as possible. You also should play games of one chosen format. Weekly stages are expected to start at 3 a.m., Moscow time, on the 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th days of February. 

Should a player get into the number of prize-winners, he or she is automatically scored with 5 ante of played limit. According to Short Deck Holdem rules, the games are held in 5 limits. The lowest is ¥1 where 5000 prizes, ¥5 each, are competed for. The maximum limit is ¥100; the total prize fund of ¥70.000 is expected to be weekly distributed among 140 players. 

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