New format at PartyPoker – Hot Tables

The well-known poker room PartyPoker has introduced a new format since March 11 of this year – Hot Tables, which is already used in some other rooms, including Cash Drop. In this article, we will look at the details of this format. 

Updates in Cash Drop

Users could learn about the upcoming cash-drop promotion at PartyPoker at the end of last year by the files that appeared in the application. However, as it turned out, the release of this update was delayed by more than 2 months.

Since March 11th, PartyPoker has been running Hot Tables with prizes of up to 500 big blinds, played out among poker players who have taken a random pot.

The main bonus features:

  1. Players of limits from 10 to 100 dollars will be able to participate in the promotion, which will run until March 21 in test mode. After testing is complete, the promo cannot be applied to heads-up format, club games and private tables.
  2. There must be at least three players in the distribution to play out the bonus. 
  3. At the beginning of the hand, only the range of possible prize payouts is known. The specific winning amount is shown only after the end of the distribution. 
  4. How the prize pool is formed and what is the probability of drawing Hot Tables, the developers do not announce. 
  5. The minimum bonus size is 1BB, the maximum is 500BB. The higher the bonus, the less likely it is to win.

Leaderboards for cash games were cancelled

Cash-drops are aimed primarily at recreational players, as it was announced by PartyPoker community manager K. Stewart. The emergence of this format, unfortunately for the permanent experienced poker room players, was marked by the cancellation of cash leaderboards.

“Only a small number of players took part in the prize drawing of the leaderboard. Hot Tables is spreading to more users, thereby balancing the prize payouts. The new format of bonuses will attract more amateurs, and as a result of this a healthy ecosystem will be formed in the room. ”

Thus, regulars who are playing huge rake will now be left without the biggest part of their rakeback. As a result, their profit from playing PartyPoker will decrease. In addition, one should not particularly hope for the emergence of new shares in which regulars can take part. PartyPokep policy is aimed at fighting grinders, especially in fast poker formats.

Hot Tables principle of operation

Due to the fact that the PartyPoker client works on a rather old engine, the developers were not able to implement Hot Tables in a spectacular graphic style.

The fact that the Hot Tables format has become active at a certain table can be understood by the icon in the upper left corner. At first, it changes color, and then the color changes at the table itself, the animation of pouring coins is appeared. Next, a message appears about the range of possible winnings.

When the distribution ends, a counter appears with the exact amount of the bonus, which is generated randomly.

It is noteworthy that Hot Tables do not appear so rarely, but at the same time, it slows down the game. The emergence of the Hot Tables format is the second significant step towards recreational players. The first was the ban on the use of trackers. Of course, such changes will negatively affect the regulars, but the overall level of the field should become weaken.

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