The High Five Series at the PokerKing with $5 000 000 GTD

From March 31 to April 20, PokerKing will host the traditional series of tournaments, including 100 events with a total guaranteed fund of $ 5 million, which is named The High Five. In this article, you will learn about the structure of the events and the features of the series. 

Series schedule 

Events planned for 2020 by WPN continue to come true. The largest OSS series Cub3d XI, in which the $ 13 million was played out, has ended, and the next large-scale event is next in line:

During the period from March 31 to April 20 this year, the Winning poker network will hold a series of one hundred events and a prize pool of $ 5 million.

In 2020, in this series, the guarantee was doubled because of a lockdown due to the outbreak of the pandemic. This year, such excitement is not expected, but the series promises to be no less interesting for a number of reasons:

  1. Five events will take place every day (at least one in the RCO format), costing from 25 cents to $2.650. Most tournaments will have buy-ins of $ 11- $ 55. 
  2. Two Main Events are announced. The first one with a buy-in of $ 450 and a $ 1 million guarantee will be held on April 11 and 12, the second for $ 55 and a $ 450k guarantee will take place from April 11 to 19. 
  3. Most tournaments will have a deep structure, there are just a few turbo tournaments. However, late registration will only end in 2-5 hours. Almost all events are played in 8-max table format. 
  4. In addition to traditional Hold’em and a dumped Omaha, tournaments will be organised on more rare poker types: Stud, Omaha Hai-Low. Within each discipline, 7 tournaments will be held.
  5. The beginning of the tournaments is scheduled for the evening and night time in Europe. 

Client update

There was an update of the WPN clients on March 17. There weren’t any special changes after the update. As usual, the developers reported reinforced measures to combat third-party software and bots, however, what was done specifically, not specified. 

Users with updated software must appreciate:

  1. The possibility of using 15 types of decks of cards (added 6 new). Now in the list of available decks there are full-color.
  2. Hot buttons can be configured more flexibly. Approximately 20 actions can be performed using any key selected by the user. 
  3. Now the limit on which the last time played poker in the back will be saved. The next time he goes into this format, he does not have to re-select the desired limit.


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