Why is it profitable to play poker rooms without software support?

Since 2010, the leading poker rooms of the world have begun to fight with players using third-party software. They sought to create equally comfortable conditions for the game, both regulars and amateurs. Due to this, it was possible to increase attendance, the amount of rake collected, and, consequently, the total profit of the room. Such a policy was beneficial for recreational players, because now they could play on equal terms against regulars, with the exception of inequality in skills. In any case, fans had more chances to win in rooms without HUD support.

As for the regulars, they’ve experienced certain difficulties. They are used to playing on many tables at the same time, getting a good profit. HUD helped them make the right decisions – everyone could immediately understand his playing style and features by looking at the opponent’s statue. With this tool, regulars increased their win rates significantly. But the affairs of professional players have deteriorated with the prohibition of software for collecting statistics. Now they had to rely only on their knowledge, not on the work of programs. And although they still get profits playing with fishes, profits began to decline.

Regulars didn’t like the current situation, and therefore they began to change the rooms without the support of software to rooms where HUD was still allowed. Not surprisingly, the strength of the field in the rooms without software gradually decreased. And at the moment, the field in such rooms consists mainly of recreational players. That is why it is now very beneficial to sign up in poker rooms without the support of trackers in order to play against weak, recreational players.

Best poker rooms without poker software


PartyPoker has recently abandoned the previously supported HUD in order to create more favorable conditions for fans to play. Along with the ban on the use of poker trackers, the room completely updated its software and also held many profitable promotions. Also, the management of the room decided to change the nicknames of the players, so that no one had access to the previously collected statistics for PartyPoker users. Although the outflow of regulars in this room has recently begun, now you can already feel all the advantages of a weakened field.

PartyPoker today is one of the largest cash traffic sites. The game is in abundance at any time and at all limits – from micro limits to NL5000. Most fans are gathered at the tables of Casual Cash Games, at the same time you can play only one table of this format. There is also fast poker, represented by four limits. The tournament grid here is also quite extensive, including tournaments with buy-ins from a few cents to $ 2.600. PartyPoker also attracts with its high rakeback – we offer to increase the percentage of rake return to 60%.

Good Action Extra Rakeback
All the kinds of poker presented, lots of action at all stakes, fast cash outs, comfortable software, anonymous tables with amateurs.
Network: Bwin.Party
Rakeback: Up to 60%
  • No Russian regular grinders and bots
  • All the kinds of poker presented
  • Lots of action at all stakes
  • Fast cashouts
  • Comfortable software
  • Anonymous tables with amateurs
  • Equal low rake at all stakes
  • Trackers not allowed


GG Network is a famous Asian poker network dominated by recreational players. Players from Asian countries have never been particularly skilled, and the lack of support for trackers has made the GG Network one of the most popular places for fans. Therefore, experienced players will quickly feel all the advantages of the game against a weak field in the rooms of the network. GG Network ranks second in terms of traffic at cash tables. It is not just forbidden to use the HUD, the hand history is carefully encrypted, which doesn’t allow you to collect statistics. In addition, the security service ensures that the rules are not violated and for any attempts to access the stats on players will be followed by an inevitable punishment in the form of an account lockout.

However, experienced poker players will be able to get enough information about their rivals using the built-in programs allowed in the GG Network. The client allows you to make notes and view the most important statistics. The most popular room among European players is GGPoker, where you will find a lot of cash tables in the limit range from NL5 to NL5000 with peak traffic falling in the evening CET time. Players signed up in the room using the PokerProDeals website are able to receive increased rakeback – up to 50%.

Good Rakeback Fish Players
Flagship room at GG Network. Good traffic and very weak fields
Network: GG Network
Rakeback: over 50%
  • Recreational players from Asian countries
  • Very weak fields at all the stakes
  • Push or Fold tables
  • Direct cashier
  • Poker software is prohibited
  • No heads-up tables


PPPoker is a mobile poker application distributed in Asia and the United States. This room is known for its weak field. It is not surprising, because regulars prefer to play in rooms with multi-tabling support and the ability to use poker trackers. In PPPoker, HUD is not supported, because the poker room is focused mainly on fans. To register in the application, you need to contact our managers who will select the most convenient indoor club for you. We will also provide more favorable conditions for receiving rakeback.

Poker trackers cannot be used in PPPoker, but access to statistics is possible, thanks to special converters. There is only one stat in the application itself – VPIP, by which you can also judge the opponent’s playing style. One of the most important advantages of the PPPoker application is the lowest rake among all Asian and American poker rooms – 2-5% depending on the limit and the particular club.

Fish Players Good Action
The best place to play poker in 2022. PokerProDeals gives you access to the best clubs from around the world with weak players!
Network: Independent
Rakeback: 50%
  • Amateurs from Asia
  • High stakes heads-up tables
  • very weak fields in expensive games
  • Cashier via agent

Unibet Poker

Unibet is a British room with a large share of recreational players and high traffic. After the poker room became independent, it chose the direction of development towards recreational players. It is not surprising that one of the first innovations was the ban on the use of additional software. Unibet rules prohibit the use of statistics collection programs, which the security service monitors carefully. In addition, there is not even a chat in the room, in which it would be theoretically possible to get at least some information about rivals.

Caring for the equality of all Unibet users, the management decided to implement the function of random landing at the tables. Now players cannot select tables, choosing only the weakest opponents. Naturally, all these innovations didn’t go unnoticed by amateurs, and the field of the Unibet poker room is gradually weakening. Another advantage of the room is one of the lowest racks on the NL4-NL10 limits. Our players can expect more favorable conditions of the game, returning up to 50% rake in the form of rakeback.

rakeback up to 50% Good Traffic
Many recreational players from England and Ireland will make the deal more profitable and colorful software will give more entertainment.
Network: Independent
Rakeback: Up to 50%
  • Lots of recreational players
  • Good traffic
  • Low rake at micro stakes
  • Comfortable software
  • Trackers Not Allowed
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