iPoker Review

iPoker is one of the largest, most reliable and oldest poker networks, which contains not only the best poker rooms, but also many other areas of online gaming.

iPoker network was created back in 1999 under the leadership of Playtech, which is considered today as one of the largest developers of online gambling applications (bookmakers, online casinos, lottery sites, online slots, poker rooms). Shares of Playtech are listed on the London Stock Exchange, which indicates the high status of this company.

The standard application developed by Playtech was used as the basis of all poker rooms clients in the iPoker network. The capabilities and functions of this client are identical in all rooms, the differences are only in the colors, name, logo and sign up / sign in method. This client underwent some changes in 2016, when the Playtech updated the software. As a result of improvements, the style of the tables was slightly changed, and the lobby was fully updated. The possibilities of the poker room have remained the same. The client has not been updated or refined since 2016. Therefore, the software cannot be called the fastest and most convenient – errors may occur periodically, and the application is quite demanding on the PC hardware. Due to the fact that the rate changes only by an amount multiple of 10%, it is impossible to set up sizing. Also, this client has the display of pot without rake, which will be debited only after the end of the distribution. The main advantages of iPoker applications are supporting popular poker trackers and displaying HUD windows at all tables.

The iPoker network carefully selects poker rooms, so there is a constant composition of rooms that has formed in it. Rarely, some rooms are coming out of this network, more often new ones are being added. Before being added to iPoker, rooms are checked for compliance with high network requirements.

The iPoker network has earned the trust of the players due to its long existence in the online gaming market, as well as due to the fact that the network includes the most famous representatives of the gambling industry: Betfair – the largest bookmaker in the world, William Hill – one of the first operators that appeared back in 1934, Paddy Power and Bet365 – well-known sports betting offices, included in the list of leaders all over the world.

In 2019, Ladbrokes and Coral Poker announced their intention to leave the iPoker network. This intention was explained by the desire of these brands to unite with the Bwin.Party network, that purchased them in 2017.

Rake and rakeback

iPoker has been one of the most attractive poker networks in the world for a long time. Players were registering in some rooms of the network mainly due to the huge rakeback, which could reach 80% of the rake. These rooms weren’t so popular, however, they actively lured visitors from other rooms due to attractive game conditions. Large poker rooms didn’t change the size of their rakeback, so they started gradually losing customers. Therefore, lesser-known rooms received good attendance because of the transfer of visitors from other, larger poker rooms.

As a result of such events, iPoker was forced to split into two divisions: iPoker1 and iPoker2. The first network consisted of the most prestigious rooms and several small rooms. The second network included lesser-known brands, which were characterized by a large rakeback.

In 2015, the rake charge scheme in iPoker rooms was completely changed. The network started using the SBR scheme, that was based on the individual indicators of each poker player. This scheme takes into account the amount of deposits and cash outs made and then calculates the plus players. If a player wins, then up to half of his rake is credited to the account of the losing poker player.

As a result of using the SBR-scheme for collecting rake, the regulars have started to receive less rakeback – its size decreased by almost half. Poker players playing in the red should have got their rakeback returned 1.5 times more, but according to the testimonies of players on the Internet, this doesn’t always happen. The rake collection scheme in the iPoker network is not transparent, so players cannot predict and calculate how much money will be spent on commission fees of the room. If you play a plus, then most likely you will get half the rakeback compared to the one promised by the room.

Despite some confusion about the distribution of rakeback, that was caused by the introduction of the SBR scheme, the rooms that are part of iPoker were able to resolve their disputes. As a result, in 2015, the two networks merged again into a single one, which operates today.

The use of the SBR scheme led to the fact that the plus regulars started to receive less rakeback and lost all the advantages playing iPoker. Thus, many winning poker players left this network, and there were mostly losing players and those who play zero, or a small plus. As a result, the room traffic has decreased, but the average game level has decreased as well.

Overview of iPoker Network Rooms

Betfair Poker

Betfair Poker is a well-known European poker room in the iPoker network. The same brand is the largest bookmaker. Due to the fact that many recreational players come to play poker with sports bets, the field is rather weak. The room has a high rakeback, and it also regularly holds lucrative promotions. The client supports poker trackers. At Betfair Poker you can play not only at the cash tables in Hold’em and Omaha, including the 6+ format, but also in fast poker, spins and MTT. Most of the games are presented at tables up to NL100 and up to PLO20. Fast poker is played at two limits – NL5 and NL20.

iPoker is a reliable poker network, which is included in the top 10 global networks for cache traffic. Despite not the most functional and fast software, iPoker poker rooms have many advantages, such as high rakeback, relatively weak field, good attendance and large selection of games.

iPoker Italy

iPoker Italy is a closed reservation of iPoker, which today is considered as the largest among all European countries. In Italy, this poker room is in the second place in attendance, PokerStars is the leader. The room is characterized by a very weak field, because Italians prefer to play with each other and not with other European poker players, although the room is part of the European pool. iPoker Italy has the most of traffic at cash tables NL50-NL100. There are several tables at larger limits as well – NL500-NL1000, including heads-up tables. The SNG format is represented by tournaments with buy-ins up to 250 euros.

Guts Poker

Guts Poker is the new poker room on the iPoker network, which has moved from the Microgaming network to the most popular poker room on the iPoker network among Eastern European brands. Another room on the iPoker network, where registration is available for players from Ukraine. The main advantage is a high rakeback.

Betsson Poker

Betsson Poker is another room that has moved from the Microgaming network after its closure. As Betsson is a Swedish company, all the rooms which belong to it are mainly focused on the countries of Northern Europe and Scandinavia. All the poker rooms of Betsson Group as a part of the gambling holding are the sources if weak European players who mainly place bets, play casino and other games.


BestPoker is one of the new poker rooms of iPoker Network. BestPoker belongs to European gambling company BestBet Ltd, which exists since 2005. After changing the network, BestPoker will be more focused on players from the CIS countries. The website is going to be translated into several languages. So far, management has not disclosed the details of new promotions in the room but assures that the bonuses will definitely be attractive. In addition, users can expect the weaker field that the iPoker network is known for.

RedStar Poker

RedStar Poker is the most popular iPoker room among Eastern European brands. After moving from the Microgaming network, RedStar Poker became one of two rooms on the iPoker network, where registration is available for players from Ukraine. The main advantage is a high rakeback and a great first deposit bonus – 200% up to 2000EUR.

Winner Poker

Winner Poker is the most popular poker room of the iPoker network among Eastern European brands. This room also has an online casino and a bookmaker, which are the source of recreational players. One of the main advantages of this room is the high percentage of rakeback. The maximum traffic falls on short hold’em cash tables. Most players are at the tables with minimum bets – up to NL10. However, during peak times in the evening in Europe, there is also a lot of play at tables up to the NL1000. You can also play pot-Limit Omaha here – from micro-limits to PLO400 – PLO600. Also, the room is distinguished by the presence of a game at the Hold’em tables with a short deck.


iPoker Traffic

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❓ Why is it profitable to play on iPoker?

On iPoker's network you can always find a good game at all limits and in all disciplines. There are a good rakeback deal and perfect bonus for the first deposit for PokerProDeals players.

❓ Does iPoker have a sign-up bonus ?

iPoker rooms gives new players a sign-up bonus of up to €2000.

❓ What rakeback can I get playing on iPoker?

Playing from PokerProDeals can get you up to 70% rakeback on iPoker Network. Contact with us via Skype or Telegram to get more deal details.

iPoker Rooms

Fixed Rakeback HU Tables
Stable fixed rakeback weekly to your account. Ideal for bum hunters who aren’t ready to keep up with VIP status.
Network: iPoker
Rakeback: 35%
  • All the variations of poker
  • High traffic at all the stakes
  • Fast cashouts
  • Comfortable software
  • Weight-contributed rake system
Fish Players
Reliable partner, proven by years of work. Nice rakeback, play at all the stakes, top brand in Scandinavian gambling industry.
Network: iPoker
Rakeback: 45-50%
  • Lots of action at all stakes
  • Reliable partner
  • Comfortable software
  • Good Rakeback
  • No OFC Poker
Good Traffic Fast CashoutsHU Tables
Wide selection of games at all the stakes
Network: iPoker
Rakeback: over 35%
  • Lots of action at all stakes
  • Reliable partner
  • Comfortable software
  • Good Rakeback
Good Traffic HU Tables
Private Italian network of ten skins. It is on the third place in the country on the size of traffic. Play at middle and high stakes in 6-max.
Network: iPoker Italy
Rakeback: Ask Manager
  • Weak fields at all the tables
  • Trackers compatibility without converters
  • Weighted contributed (WC) rake system
  • comfortable software of iPoker network
  • cashier via agent
  • VPN needed
Good Rakeback HU-Tables
RedStar Poker players signing up via PokerProDeals earn top rakeback deal
Network: iPoker
Rakeback: 40-45%
  • Lots of action at all stakes
  • Reliable partner
  • Comfortable software
  • Good Rakeback