Poker Rooms Promotions: May 2021

During the spring months, the poker rooms hosted major tournament series. May will also be no exception and will bring many interesting and profitable events to poker fans. So, the WSOPC series is planned at GGPokerok, WPT Online will be held at PartyPoker, Vbet will organise a series of knockout tournaments. Cash players will be able to take part in leaderboards and rake races, as well as complete missions. 

PKOSS from PokerKing – series of tournaments with a guarantee of $ 25 million

PokerKing is organising a major series of RKO tournaments, consisting of 200 events, which will take place on May 9-23. There are both inexpensive tournaments starting at $ 6.6 and high roller events for a maximum of $ 2.650.

There will be three Main Events in total. A $ 55 knockout tournament with a $ 500K guarantee is scheduled for May 5-9. The Main Event, with a $ 1M guaranteed prize pool and a $ 630 buy-in, will be held May 16-17. And the third Main Event with a guarantee of half a million dollars will be held on the last day of the series – May 23rd. To take part in it, you will have to pay $ 55.

The Venom RKO series continues with a buy-in of $ 2.650. The first starting day took place on April 30, three others – on May 1, 7 and 9. The $ 95 largest qualifier kicks off on May 3rd. 20 tickets will be played out in it. Registration takes place directly at full cost, or through three types of steps (two for $ 32 and one for $ 12).

WPT online series from PartyPoker

PartyPoker will once again host the WPT Online Series. The details of the schedule for all tournaments are currently unknown, but the organisers have announced the dates for the Main Events. So, on May 23 and 30, there will be starting days for the Main Event for $ 3.200 with a guarantee of 3 million. The second day for this tournament is scheduled for May 31. Another Main Event with a buy-in of $ 530 and a guarantee of $ 500K will take place on May 15-16 (starting days) and May 17 (second day).

You will not be able to buy a ticket directly for the full price for these events. You can only win tickets in special satellites, which take place every Sunday at 23.05 Moscow time. For satellites for both events, you also need to qualify in several steps. So, the following steps are provided for an event for $ 3.200: cent-roll – phase 1 for $ 3.3 – phase 2 for $ 33 – final. The Main Event with a buy-in of $ 530 offers a similar structure of satellites, but with a lower cost: center roll – $ 0.55 – $ 5.5 – final.

Leaderboards for Ultra Spins and Spins players remain unchanged.

WSOPC at GGPokerok with $ 100 million

The poker room GGPokerok will host a major series of WSOP Circuit tournaments, in which 18 rings will be played out. From May 1st to May 30th, there will be events ranging from $ 25 to $ 800. The first flight with a buy-in of $ 525 and a guaranteed prize pool of $ 5 million starts on May 17th.

The prize pools in the Spins and AoF leaderboards have changed. So, in Spins, the prize money increased by $ 600K. The Rush & Cash race also started giving away more money – $ 100K. On the contrary, the leaderboard for Hold’em 6+ has decreased – by $ 140K.

A new format of 6-max Spins has appeared at the limits of $ 1, $ 10 and $ 100. The maximum multiplier in such tournaments is 200K. Players of this format also take part in a common leaderboard with 3-max Spins players.

The daily Spins leaderboard with $ 50K prize pool is divided into 9 categories depending on the buy-in. The number of points won depends on your place and the cost of your ticket to the tournament. 1.5 times more points are awarded during Happy Hours, which lasts from 11.00 to 12.59 Moscow time. Prizes are awarded in the form of buy-ins for Spins.

In AoF tournaments, instant buy-in rewards for every 100 hands have been replaced by a $ 50K leaderboard. Players now get one point for all-in with showdown. During happy hours, the number of points increases by 1.5 times. Prizes are awarded in cash dollars (the currency of the poker room, which can only be spent on purchases at cash tables).

By participating in the daily Hold’em and Omaha cash game races, you can win a share of the total prize pool of $ 20K and $ 25K respectively. Points are awarded according to the number of rake hands. For this format, Happy Hour is also valid, increasing the number of points by 1.5 times. Prizes are paid out in cash dollars.

The daily Rush & Cash race is divided into two discipline categories (Hold’em, Omaha) and 7 limits. Depending on the actions performed by the player, a different number of points is awarded:

  1. Fold – 1 point. 
  2. Call – 3 points. 
  3. 5 points per bet and insurance. 
  4. Cash-drop– 10 points. 

No more than 20 points can be won in one distribution. During happy hours, the number of points awarded is doubled, but their maximum still cannot exceed 20. Prize money is issued in the form of cash dollars.

Among 6+ Hold’em players, $ 5K is played out every day as part of the leaderboard. There are 9 categories in total, depending on the limit. The number of points depends on the number of raked hands played. During happy hours, points are awarded 1.5 times faster. Prizes are cash dollars.

The daily Flip & Go leaderboard raffles for $ 5K. A point is awarded for each registration. The number of points is multiplied by one of three coefficients if you get the following combinations in your hands first: straight and flush – x2, set – x3, straight flush – x4. For example, if you bought 5 tickets and made a straight flush with your first hand, you will receive 20 points.

The leaderboard is divided into 4 categories based on buy-ins. During happy hours, points are gained 1.5 times faster. Prizes are awarded in tournament dollars.   

Freeroll festival from 888Poker

At 888Poker, there are 10 free-rolls every day, where from $ 275 to $ 5K can be played out. There are 3 types of free tournaments in total:

  1. No restrictions – anyone can participate. 
  2. Private tournament, which can only be entered through the Gift Drops promotion. 
  3. A private free-roll, tickets for which can only be played at Winner Spinner. 

In these free-rolls, along with cash, tickets to tournaments, free sports bets, free spins in online casinos are played out. The festival will be held until July 18, to participate in it you need to make at least one deposit.

May series with a guarantee of 1.5 million euros from the iPoker network

The two rooms of the iPoker network, Redstar and Bestpoker, will host the May Poker Series from May 7-16, consisting of 67 tournaments. Most of the events will be held with the rules of No Limit Hold’em, but the series also includes several tournaments in Hold’em 6+ and Pot Limit Omaha.

The series ends with a private free-roll, in which tournament winners will be able to take part. The guaranteed prize pool is € 10K. The largest event worth 91 euros and a guarantee of 200K euros starts on May 10th.

The Card Collector promotion is taking place in Bestpoker room from May 8 to June 10. Under the terms of this promotion, the hand of the day is randomly formed every day. For collecting such a hand and winning the distribution with it, players receive scratch cards, which contain prizes in the form of tickets worth from 0.5 to 100 euros. The promotion applies to cash tables of limits from NL 10 and Twister tables of limits from 5 euros. Scratch cards must be used within 7 days after receiving them.

Knockout series from Vbet

Until May 30, a series of knockout tournaments, including 358 events, is being held in the Vbet room. The total guaranteed fund of the series is 500K euros. Ticket prices range from 1 to 99 euros. The Main Event with the biggest guarantee will take place on May 23rd. A special leaderboard is timed to this series, in which 12 thousand euros will be drawn.

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